Another Rod holder ?

A friend just bought a new 12’ WS Tarpon SOT that he wants to use mostly for fishing. He got a really nice rod holder with it that has a ball that slides into aluminum channel. I think it is made by Yak-Attack. I have a 13’ touring Sink that I use once in a while for fishing and never wanted to mount a permanent rod holder. The few times I did fish in the boat it was always a pain in the butt never knowing what to do with the rod when paddling. Now finally my question: I was thinking of buying a couple of small pieces of that aluminum channel and mounting it in front of the cockpit and only using the rod holder when I am fishing. Has anyone ever done this and what are the pro’s and con’s of attaching a rod holder this way.

Thanks in advance


Yak-Attak is expensive stuff. Get a Scotty and be done with it. Or a RAM if you prefer.