Another sad story two gone

God bless

Very sad.

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Water temperature was only 55°F and self rescue can be difficult with a canoe. Long Island Sound is not the best place for an open canoe.

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Wow, a fatal accident where people were actually wearing PFD’s! That’s quite a rare occurrence.

Early summer on LIS is probably the most dangerous because you can get 80’s and 90’s air temp but 50’s water temp. Those are indeed ideal dying conditions as anyone is understandably tempted to not wear much. That’s fine until anything goes wrong. 55* water gets cooooold really fast. on the west coast, our winter water temp is mid to high 50’s. at minimum I’m in a 3/2 seam taped wetsuit in my surfski. If I was spending time in the water (diving or surfing) you’d need to go up to a 4/3 suit minimum to be comfortable.

Even 60* water is no joke if rescue is not almost immediate.

Respect cool and cold water everyone.


If you take 68°F as safe water temperature unprotected the season on Long Island is historically June 15 to Sept 15. After Labor Day many say screw the water. In the spring after the winter people can’t wait to get out. So hot air and there out even if water is 50°. Local FB page for paddlers has 3,000 members and they are clueless or in denial for the most part. No matter what you write or info you link them to they still risk it. They have a MILLION excuses. I’m in a canal, I’m near shore, it’s not rough, I can take the cold, it was a short trip, it’s not deep, it’s endless.

Some have learned so I continue to try to push safety. Long Island Kayak Paddlers is the group.

Guy has wife beater tee shirt and a :cowboy_hat_face: hat in a 10 rec kayak paddling in the same bay where these two guys died. Tells me he can take the cold. Not wearing a PFD. He said if something happens he’ll put it on. I said so if something happens you’ll hang on to your boat, stay afloat in waves :ocean:, and put on your life jacket. Probably zero communication devices neither.

Many are well I have my phone, my phone’s in a Ziploc bag, and they can’t paddle a small current in the river going out to Long Island Sound. It’s rediculous and deadly.


There will be more such stories… unfortunately. Even if the water was warmer, a canoe in the Sound is an idea that needs improvement unless it is set up for expeditions with full float bags and the right paddlers.


It’s always calm, and then in ain’t. Like a Venus fly trap.


Spring LI Sound area paddlers are prime candidates for a future Darwin Award when not dressing for the water. Much the same all over the nation as air temps quickly climb and water temps slowly climb.

In fairness, no one here knows whether this is something these two had gotten away with multiple times before. No one will ever know if they had heretofore been able to stay nearer shore but it wasn’t a happening thing on this day.

Doesn’t make it a great idea but people don’t know what they don’t know.

You can cross the road without looking many times. Odds are you’ll get hit sooner or later.

It matters little the air and sea temperature around the West Coast of Scotland, PFD , dry suit, VHF hand held and emergency beacon at all times. The North Atlantic can throw some heavy seas and storms our way…even when there is not suppose to be!

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