Another sea kayak bites the dust good-bye CD

CD made some great boats, the Extreme, Expedition and Gulfstream are great boats that I had paddled that are no more.

With regards to new or used, I never would have been able to afford to buy new my 1995 CD Solstice GTHV back in 1996. New it listed for around $2500 and I bought it used for $1200. This past February I bought my wife a 2014 CD Solstice GTS kevlar for less than half the price of a new one. Again, I couldn’t have afforded the price of the same boat new (if you could find it). I’m glad there are people out there buying new FG and kevlar boats, but for me, I’m looked at the used car lot.


No longer made.

I paid 900 last year 2002

It’s like new

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