Another sea kayak bites the dust good-bye CD

Nomad / Extreme. That ruined my day. :sob:

They are a neat boat. But they are also on the niche side, suppose it had to happen. My recall is that you did acquire one.

Regular and HV . Expedition also but bottom is different.

What does it cost to keep a mold in storage and still offer a hull. Even if it was special order listed. Nothing on it is unique.

Guess short and fat is where it’s at.

Molds have a lifespan - maybe a few hundred parts and then they need to be replaced. It is also very expensive to make a new mold. I’m sure sales of the Nomad weren’t brisk, and if the mold had reached the end of its life, that’s probably a good time to retire the model. Still sad to see another great boat out of production though.

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Rest in peace. All carbon fiber even the seat.

gorgeous boat

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I hope it’s not rest in peace for that kayak, or any of the Extremes and Nomads out there. Newborns on the way or not, live on, and live well. I bought my Extreme new, so I feel like I at least supported the maker. Lord knows there’s a group of people in Winona, MN that I’m sure could always use the business, and I bet those employees aren’t keeping the Cadillac dealership busy. I’m sure they would love to have the demand for the Nomad that would allow them to profitably continue with the model. We really should encourage new boat buying more on this site. I’ve been at this long enough to understand that the fabled population of wealthy people buying nice composite sea kayaks isn’t a population at all. It’s more of a random, incredibly rare occurrence. It’s hard to find a shop stocking composite sea kayaks to even allow for such a thing. I love paddling the Extreme, and somewhere swirling about in my mind I’ve been thinking about a new kevlar Nomad, but my fiberglass Extreme is still in good shape and pretty light for a long fiberglass boat. It’s such a nice kayak for distance in the sea, or flatwater for that matter - loaded or unloaded.
Through all the years I’ve been on this site, I would say that a person who could afford it would be almost scolded for suggesting that they want to buy a new kayak, and want our help choosing. I’m all for someone new who can afford it experiencing the joy of bringing a brand new kayak to the water, even if they paddle it a dozen times in 5 years and then sell because it just didn’t turn out to be for them. I’ve bought a number of new boats over the years along with many used. Each time I stressed a little, but then felt good about supporting the businesses involved. The sea kayaking community is small. You put together quality layups, and the used market will cannibalize many new sales. If you can’t afford it, the used market is the only way to go. I just hate always seeing used, used, used automatically blasted at everyone. If a person has decided to buy a new boat, they’ve decided that money is discretionary. Do you think that $ remains discretionary even if they save money on the boat?
I understand why we all want to save our friends a buck. But the kayak industry workers are pretty important friends too. I personally don’t feel better about myself steering someone away from a new purchase.
I hope I don’t sound too crazy. I would love to see folks asking the question “Can you afford new, because there’s nothing quite like the virgin paddle in a new canoe or kayak?” For me, that wouldn’t be a lie by any stretch of the imagination. Those that can’t are typically upfront about it. I don’t think those that can need to automatically be steered towards scouring the used market. I guess what I’m saying is that if the folks on this forum value our friends in the kayak building business, we could at least consider helping them to thrive. Maybe this forum would never have any effect anyway? What do you think?


Not my job to buy new to keep a factory going. Problem is people are turning away from sea kayaks. Dealer I bought my first SOT from new 12 years ago was a CD dealer. They lost their dealership for lack of ordering CD kayaks. They sold off there sea kayak rental boats. They had NOMAD / EXTREME, SOLSTICES, CARIBOU, KESTRELS, STORMS & few others. Now all gone they sell ton of Hobie and Ocean brand kayaks. Short and fat is where it’s at now.

People see us in the Libra XT tandem 22’ no matter in a boat or kayak they stare and are amazed. Everyone is used to short rec boats on Long Island.

I bought a Extreme regular volume used 300 plus 600 in restoration parts and material.

Libra XT 900
Extreme HV 900
Expedition 900
Solstice GT 1800 two years old two small scratches on bottom not deep, decent paddle, skirt, PFD, all total at the time was 4,200 value not including taxes 8.75%. Guy really used three or four times.

Buy them all new the cost would be 22 grand or more. Not affordable to me.

I know nearly nobody wants to handle a 18’-10" kayak anymore except a real performance buff. Sad it’s gone I was thinking of a new one in CF like in the picture. Guess not happening now. I hoped they would keep it like a halo car.

If I want to sell one of mine do I cut it in half to keep the factory going?

I’m sorry PaddleDog. My post wasn’t meant as an attack towards you. I suppose it was meant to present an idea for discussion to you, and everyone, and me.
The gist of what I’m suggesting is something more like this.
The factory workers built some beautiful kayaks and delivered them to the kayak shop down the street Friday afternoon, hoping the kayak shop will have success selling them, and order more. It’s early Saturday afternoon, and they’re sitting by the water enjoying a beer across from the kayak shop after a fun morning paddle. A couple of well-to-do people that they ran into, after admiring their kayaks and enjoying their stories, have gone over to the kayak shop at their suggestion.
The factory workers were also paddling with PaddleDog52. They understand that buying a new kayak from the kayak shop just wouldn’t sit with PaddleDog52. The reasons aren’t important here. They enjoy paddling with him, and enjoy him as a person and a friend.
So these couple of people that the factory workers sent to the kayak shop are having a spirited conversation with the shop owner about a couple of new kayaks. They are giving it serious consideration. PaddleDog52 stops into the paddle shop before continuing home, and gets involved in the conversation. The moment the paddleshop owner turns away, the customers gets the:
“I bought a Extreme regular volume used 300 plus 600 in restoration parts and material.
Libra XT 900
Extreme HV 900
Expedition 900
Solstice GT 1800 two years old two small scratches on bottom not deep, decent paddle, skirt, PFD, all total at the time was 4,200 value not including taxes 8.75%. Guy really used three or four times.
Buy them all new the cost would be 22 grand or more.”

Now the shop owner and the factory workers are both going to cringe when PaddleDog52 decides he doesn’t need one of his kayaks and cuts it in half. They, and all their paddling friends, would much rather see it in the hands of someone who couldn’t afford it otherwise.
But they are all still scratching their heads about why PaddleDog52 dimmed the shine off of the new kayaks the potential customers were excitedly considering. He put a firehose to those flames. But he didn’t do anything wrong. He simply provided valuable information that he has every right to provide, and the potential customers have every right to hear.
These well-to-do locals end up buying used, thanking PaddleDog52 for saving them some money, and take a fun Disneyworld trip that they wouldn’t probably have taken had they bought new kayaks. The factory workers and shop owners continue to include PaddleDog52 in their paddling plans, because it’s not his job to keep a factory going.

PaddleDog52, I don’t know the answer. I’m glad you are a fellow paddler. Nothing in what I wrote suggested it’s your job to keep their boat factory going. Nothing in what I wrote suggested cutting a kayak in half rather than selling it. Imagine for a moment that when I typed that, I cared as little about you as I’ve inferred that you care about the boat factory, which, by the way, isn’t remotely true, even though I don’t think I’ve ever met or paddled with you. And my inference my be incorrect. Just imagine it has nothing to do with you. Is it possible that I could potentially discourage anyone from what otherwise would have been a new boat purchase, by heavily encouraging buying used and discouraging buying new? Is it possible? Again, I don’t know the answer. But I have worked a lot of sales in my life in the past, so I have something of an educated idea. People buy what they think is best for them at the moment they buy, and that can be very malleable. And I also don’t have the answer for what ends up the best purchase for them. I don’t know how they will experience the varying purchases. But knowing that, if I can do something small that might help a business that I clearly care about, or at least not hurt it…?


Didn’t take it as an attack just a discussion. Buying used gets some into boats they’d never be in. New is nice it took me years to get all the kayaks I wanted. Once I got the SOLSTICE I wasn’t in panic mode I had a composite sea kayak. If I had to have X hull you can’t always find them. Not like looking for a Mustang or Corvette. Bing you have a great choice of vehicles. So then you buy new in a kayak pick your colors and your boat. No search and 5-6 hr travel each way like I did on all but the Solstice. Solstice was 1 hr ride.

I suggest if people are on a budget. Problem is interest in Sea Kayaks is dying. Sea Kayaker magazine died off.

I care about all factories making things in the USA. I’m proud of the names in my CD kayaks from Canada and the USA. I even photographed them all.

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There’s a CD Extreme for sale near Glens Falls NY on FBMP for $900 in case anyone needs to stock up. :wink:

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Can’t find it. Found two others. Have a link if possible? I just searched CD boats this morning and two extremes didn’t pop up until I searched again.

FBMP search function is terrible and the seller only listed it as kayak for sale. Try this:

You can see the seller’s phone number in the pic.

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Thank you very much.

I searched kayaks Glen Falls NY and it didn’t pop two others did.

You just gave a junkie drugs!

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Sorry! :joy:

Maybe the fact that it didn’t come up is why it hasn’t sold in 40 weeks. Or maybe it’s already sold in which case you dodged a bullet.


Sent him a message.

As a newbie I started used for a couple of reasons , one last year there were no new ones anywhere in NJ so I traveled 100 miles to buy a used feel free fishing yak, it was much more stable that a sit in for me, 6 months later I bought a touring yak a 14.5 Riot bc the price was great, I now have been blessed to be able to Kayak on the Delaware bay , no worries about tossing anything on my roof anymore so size is not an issue or weight, and will be in search of another Kayak fairly soon I think, I checked out the FB link here and there is almost no info so unless you know what you need , and I do not, I would have passed on it out of lack of knowledge, I would not be opposed to buying new but first I need a good shop I trust and so far I have not found that in metro NY. I guess forums like this it is always buy used , but if nobody buys new there is no used for the rest of us. As for the boat pictured above look beautiful to me.

Yes, it’s tough to buy used if you don’t already have some experience. You can post potential buys on here and people will give you advice. If you want to buy new the River Connection in Hyde Park, NY isn’t too far from you and the owner posts on here often.

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Yes Extreme is still for sale fiberglass, regular width seat, not HV. 2002 original owner.

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This is why sellers should maybe try, I dunno, putting the brand and model in the posting title. Just a wild suggestion.