Another SOF finshed.

Curlew II is just about ready for the water. This my redesign of the first Curlew. Most of the changes are cosmetic and I think improvements over the original.

I did add a little more rocker in hopes of it’s no to slow speed turning improving. Minor turns and course corrections are just a lean away. I poke around a lot in creeks and small places and could really appreciate quicker turning.

Frames are lashed together with artificial sinew. While this seems ‘old fashioned’ to many I find it has many advantages over screws and epoxy and it’s just as fast to build this way.

Here is the FaceBook photo album

Nice work Jeff
I’m always impressed with your work and this one looks pretty darn cool. Let me know when you ope your demo days.


Beautiful boat- I can appreciate it more
since I built my first SOF at a workshop this summer.

Congrats and enjoy.

Sort of looks like a grown Sea Pup.

"“in hopes of it’s no to slow speed turning improving”"


Bill H.

Very, very cool.
Let us know if it does actually turn quicker.

(Not wisecracking, here…Just would like to hear your comparison to the first boat.)

It must be cool
to have like skills and stuff. Very good work, very interesting.

Thanks Jim

Yes and no
Got to paddle it yesterday. It does seem to turn quicker with leaned turns. Well, it does turn faster because I kept finding myself turning without meaning too. After a while I got used to and it was no problem.

At very low speeds when trying to make a 180 it didn’t change it that I could tell. Disappointed but I didn’t expect much dramatic change there.

I will post launching photos in another thread.

You may get more attention on the
Paddlers Place Discussion Forum.