Another sucky winter day up north

Sheer pins bustin’
tin roofs rustin’
'neath El Blanco Beaster,
“How sweet is Spring”
late June they sing,
Comes with territory for Downeaster!

After all, remember my little Pygmalion:

The pain in Maine piles frostily to brain.

Now just don’t go do’n any DougD roof-rakin’ swan dives into the frozen abyss bank!

nah my neighbors dog Lowell does the doggy slide from the roof down the pile… The pile that emanated from the valleys of the roof… Its quite safe. Doug D however failed to measure the fluffy quotient .

@kayamedic said:

Please stop… Isnt 50 inches in four days enough?

Yup - 50 inches is more than enough for four days. But I am glad it was ME and not MI. :slight_smile:

I bet you share the amusement of other northerners when we watch anxious weatherpeople in certain cities when an inch of snow falls and the city shuts down.

@Rookie said:

Yup - 50 inches is more than enough for four days. But I am glad it was ME and not MI. :slight_smile:

MI or ME
but not in M_D
No frozen flake stackers south of Mason -Dixon’s stoop.

However, we are just down-ill-wind of that D.C. miasma. Talk about yer bad weather and snow jobs!

@mvanderlaan said:
A Jack Russell Terrier or Parson JRT, I am crazy about that breed. I had a rough coat that would lay on my lap while I paddled. Fantastic dogs. Wonderful scenery.

Parson per her papers from animal control

I cheated today. Wanted to scout a section of a river, but as it’s in a wild area I had no good options. Except one: by raft. First rafting experience. Compared to a kayak, it’s like paddling a box. But any day on the water is a good one.

A stop for tea and cookies.

What pretty river is that, Rookie? We down-staters are getting antsy to paddle, too! A group of us are heading over to the Holland area to (hopefully) try a shoreline paddle along L. Michigan this afternoon. Will add pictures here later if it works out .

Michigan’s first designated wild and scenic river, the Jordan. Feeds into the south arm of Lake Charlevoix.

I’d be back on it today in my kayak, were it not for the steep and snowy/icy access sites. While it was warm yesterday, still have lots of snow cover up here.

Hope your Lake Michigan paddle works out (lucky ducky!!). Would love to see photos.

@ Rookie: I love paddling the Jordan. Hope to get there this Spring.

Lake Michigan among the bergs was fantastic! Perfect weather and scenery. The ice was moving in towards shore on our way in, so we had to pick our away through the bergy bits. Great day!

What total joy that must have been, to play around the ice! Such beautiful conditions! Those two bergs look like they’re carrying parts of someones beach. Thanks for those glorious photos.

Love paddling around ice

It’s become the latest rage!
Toad stools in ice
after errant tossed rice
are wedding planners’ featured page.

Yamashita Iceworks
glistens Chicken Dance twerks
of Aunt Myra’s new boyfriend Dave.
No longer froze turtle-doves
melt to chill the love
in giant punchbowls of nuptial deprave!

Although I suppose towing one of those suckers behind your yak to the Anchorage Knights of Sumyatuk Hall will prevent logistical challenges, eh Sir Charles?..“Paris! Paris! Stop gnawin’ on the tow line!”