Another sunglasses issue

I have a problem with most safetyglasses and some sunglasses. The arms press on the bone just above and behind my ears. Giving me a fierce physical pain almost immediately.

Why is this? How can I avoid it?

Especially since I’m often touring machine shops, if I don’t have my own pair of safeties with me I’m pretty miserable.

Thanks, Val

Take them to any optical store. They will adjust them for you. Common problem. The “arms,” bows, actually simply need to be adjusted.

Also you don’t need to take them to the place that you bought them for this adjustment. It is very common for people to have them adjusted at places other than where they bought them.

The adjustment should be free. I’m an expert on this. Been wearing glasses since I was nine months old. I’m now almost 58.

I know what you mean
"Visitor glasses" seem to be made to fir heads the size of a grapefruit. Try softening thetemples with hot running water, and then gently bend them apart.


Try bending them out.


I use these on my safety glasses at work – the soft cotton pads the temples, and the bead lets you adjust them so your glasses don’t slide off.

There are other styles for water use.