Another tandem paddling question

Maybe I should have asked this one first…when paddling a tandem kayak, should we both be paddling on the same side at the same time, or should we be on different sides or does it not matter? Thanks!

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Actually that is not a question
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Some tandems have the seats close together, and therefore require syncronous paddling to avoid colliding paddles. Others have the cockpits further apart so you can paddle however you like.

Just take the front seat and do whatever she tells you. I think it’s your only hope. (and yes, I’m sure you’re a great couple - but seriously, good luck. :))

Take it easy …
When you are getting started paddling tandem, put the most experienced paddler in the stern. Depending on the distance between the cockpits it’s not going to kill you if you don’t synchronize your paddling. If the cockpits are very close and the paddles are very long it will make a difference. If the stern paddler is more experienced it’s easy for them to adjust their stroke and to make up for what the bow paddler is doing. If you find you are banging paddles while cruising … just counting off as you get started helps … chants and singing are good too if you are not inhibited. After a few hours most paddlers adjust a get a feel for paddling with each other.

Paddle on the same side in sync
for speed and efficiency.

Bow paddler sets the cadence and stern provides directional control.

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In that case I’m sure you agree with my plan. :slight_smile: Just make sure he knows what he’s supposed to do.

Be patient dear.Very,very partient.
Practice in simple places with little or no current and wind.

Tandem paddling
I’ve never noticed any difference. As long as you have a kayak that has enough clearance between cockpits so that you aren’t interfering with the other paddler’s stroke, just paddle.

Everyone gets there at the same time. If you try to coordinate strokes with your wife, it never works anyway, and just makes her mad.