Another Tempest 170 question

I’m 5’10 195 lbs, have paddled the T170 and liked the fit but haven’t tried the T165. Is there a big difference in the feel of the cockpit and it’s handling. I know I should demo first but if there’s chance of buying one online at a good price - I want to jump on it.


Yeah, They’re Different

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I much prefer the 165. I'm 5'9" but only 165 pounds. The key to really loving the T165 is moving the seat back about two inches. Ahhh... perfect.

I owned a T170 for a while. I paddled a rented T165 and ordered one the next day. I have a taller, heavier buddy who also likes the 165.

I think the 165 really outperforms the 170 when the wind and waves are coming from the rear. We bikers call it a tailwind. Hot shot boaters call it following seas if I'm not mistaken. Rolling and bracing the 165 is easier also.

I’m 6’ tall and the 165 fits me …
perfectly but I weigh less than 170 pounds. If your extra 25 pounds are around your hips, the 165 might be tight. See if you get get to sit in both.

i am 5’10" and ~225#
i used to be 205# when i paddled a t165…

my only problem was that i was born with arthritis and do not have the flexibility that most people do in their hips because of that…

i had to trade that 165 in for a 170 for a little taller deck height…

but…overall i did paddle a 165 for a month or two without complaint…

fit pretty well…


“I think the 165 really outperforms the 170 when the wind and waves are coming from the rear.”

maybe if you weigh 165lbs! what if you weigh a bunch more???

the boats are ‘sized’ for different body and gear weights. be like buying the wrong sized shoes!


I Understand Completely
But how much more is a bunch more? My buddy in the 190 pound range was doing some complaining in those conditions in a borrowed 170. What do you think is a good paddler weight for the 170?

Uhhh… on second thought… my 190 pound buddy normally paddles a ruddered boat… might have been some boat handling issues…

6 ft and 200
(well 203 today)

T165 and I absolutely love it. I found the 170 too big for me. And as Flatpick will attest I have big thighs…I just like a boat I can wear. :slight_smile:


ya think?
ruddered folks have issues quite often with skegs!

the 170 ‘perfect’ weight is centered around 200+. I weigh 180 and have a fairly large day kit (sometimes 50 including drysuit/pfd etc)and I can go either way. 165 if I want sporty and 170 comfort. i have been sorta leaning towards comfort these days and been in the proto Zephyr (170 size)