Another Thule problem

Can;t seem to get the Aero foot 400XT locked into place . The directions say to squeeze it to lock the foot but it’s very difficult to do so. Anyone else have this problem? FishHawk

similar situation
I had a similar problem when installing mine and actually had to get them to lock using the curb as leverage. In short, they need more force to lock than you think.

All 4 of my locking towers took tremendous force to lock down. I did the first 3 by hand, but by the fourth one I ended up bracing it against the rim of my open trunk. They’re hard to squeeze.

As you tighten the screw-
it actually pulls that piece inwards…jamming it against the bar to hold it in place…you only need to click it in a little bit…that is where the screw that holds in the fit kit screws into to hold everything tight…

tight but works well…i was the thule installer at an EMS near me for 3 years…