Another trailer question

-- Last Updated: Sep-22-15 10:28 AM EST --

Thanks for your patience! One more. I plan to carry my canoe and kayak on my LoadRite trailer. I'm all set with the canoe thanks to the input I've gotten here. Now for the kayak.

My load bars are spaced 6 ft apart and the kayak (an El cheapo plastic future beach mariner) is 10.5 ft long. My concern is strapping the kayak so close to its ends as well as deforming the hull. The bottom of the boat is pretty flat (dihedral hull) and I store it on the floor, hull down per the manufacturers directions.. What would be the best way to attach it to the trailer? Again, many thanks for your advice.

Maybe the simplest idea would be to attach a piece of plywood (2’ X 8’) to the crossbars and then add some foam where ever needed to give support for the boat.

I think you’re right. Appreciate the suggestion!