Another Tsunami Question

I’ve had a couple of problems with the thigh pads on my Tsunami 125 that I bought last summer. The adjustment screw on the right pad pulled out last year on my second time out. I called my dealer and they got me a free replacement from WS but it took a couple of weeks.

The left pad broke loose today and I plan on calling the dealer tomorrow. When the pads broke I wasn’t doing any kind of hard paddling, rolls or anything extreme…Just normal bracing with my thighs.

Has anyone else had similar problems with the factory Tsunami pads? Should I look into aftermarket pads?

I love paddling the Tsunami and it’s perfect for the type of water that I’m on. I haven’t had any other problems with the boat. There’s a second adjustment nut on the pad, so I’m not loosing use of the boat, it’s just not as comfortable.

Safe Paddling …


Us non-Tsunami users are having
trouble visualizing what is going wrong. Is the screw turning loose? Is it stripping some sort of thread? Is some nut backing off? There are lots of tricks to getting screws and nuts not to loosen and back off. Also, unless the screw is very unusual, can you get stainless replacements at a good hardware store? They would also have stainless lock nuts, special washers, etc.

Nut pulled out
There is a brass nut that is molded into the plastic backing of the pad. The screw goes through one of the adjustment holes on the edge of the cockpit into the brass nut. The problem is that the nut has pulled out of the plastic. It appears that the nut was not deep enough in the plastic.

On my first replacement pad, the nut is much deeper than the original. I have a feeling that there was a bad run of pads. I’m curious if anyone else had a problem with their Tsunami.



and the new ones should be fine.