Another VHS/DVD Question

Along the lines of video…anyone have recommendations? Some of the Nigel Foster and USK stuff looks interesting. What I’m looking for is dealing with launching/landing is surf, a little navigation–though I have a book on this–a little on bracing/paddling in big water.


Christmas Present
One of my sons gave me a DVD titled ABC’s of the surf zone. It is done by USK, (University of Sea Kayaking).

I am just in the beginning stages of learning to get through the surf and back. This is the only video on this subject I have viewed. In fact, this is the only video I have seen done by USK.

That said, I have learned a lot about the basics from looking at the video. The approach taken is to go through the basic strokes and techniques required outside of a surf situation. Then they break up the surf area into zones and approach each zone by itself. They finally put it altogether and provide problem analysis.

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Guess my instincts were right…abcs of the surf zone sounds excellent. thanks!

ABCs of the Surf Zone
Is Sea Kayaker magazine’s 2005 Reader Choice winner for best video. It is very much specifically for the Surf Zone training though, but it teaches bracing for waves, how to judge waves, etc. It is a superb DVD specifically for launching and returning through the surf zone. I would say, in essence, that it is invaluable for this information and use.

What rank best for Rolling in 2005
Cooldoctor, Seems on my internet searchs that there are two choices for DVD’s on rolling; Eric Jackson and Nigel Foster. Others available? What is recommended? Appreciate all responses

Still trying to refine the roll, Mark

I’m gonna try EJs. Here’s the thread.

I’ve got a copy for sale @ $15
Price includes postage. Email if interested.


For a great way to learn a sweep roll
try “The Kayak Roll” by Kent Ford. It really works.