Another way to get in/out of boat

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I added this to the bottom of an earlier post also, but it doesn't pop to the top now.

I was on a trip last weekend and a guy gave me a tip that works great for me, especially with a greenland paddle.

This is for right handed. Place one end of the paddle on your shoulder, wrap your arm around the back of the loom, place your hand on the top of the loom near the blade that is away from you. with the blade flat to the water. The paddle is now like an extension of your right arm.

Now do the butt/leg/leg entry, but with the blade sculling on the water, or stationary on the bottom, for support. For a beginner, you can just place the blade on the bottom, as if you have a really long arm. Stabilizes the boat nice without much pressure on the paddle. For a little more advanced, practice feathering the blade across the top of the water to give the support, basically a one arm scull.

Has totally helped my boat entry.

Paul S.

Good idea.
I’ll give it a try.