Another which kayak to buy thread

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I've been looking for a touring kayak to purchase in my area for a little while now.

A local shop has some very used(rental fleet) 17ft Seda Swift(fiberglass) kayaks for $700 with used paddle and life vest. I suspect this one will be available for a while.

I have also found a 1998 14ft Perception Spectrum(poly) for $500 on craigslist, also with life vest and paddle, as well as spray skirt. This one may be somewhat time sensitive as it is on craigslist.

I plan to be kayaking mostly on a large lake(Lake Mead), and possibly for some camping once I'm a little more skilled. I'm 5'11 170lbs. Size 11 feet.

Both these are stretching my budget on a first kayak a little. But I figure get something I will like and not feel the need to buy another one in a year.

I will probably keep looking on craigslist for a few more weeks but I was wondering how these prices are an if they will fit my needs.

That little money (700) for a Swift fiberglass kayak and the extras is remarkably low. You could spend that renting in a season. I would buy the Swift, and use it for a season and have some fun. If you like it, keep it. If not, you could sell it for close to what you paid. Having a beat up boat to start out removes all those concerns about the first dings, and will give you an idea of what you want going forward.

Swift +1
Definitely Swift. FG does not “age” as poly does, it is easy to repair.

+1 to Swift.

The Swift is…
a little wide but that should increase its carrying capacity. It also appears to have little to no rocker, thus it should track nicely.

Price looks good too. And if you decide to move on to another kayak, you should be able to unload the Seda without taking a hit in the pocket.

Thanks for the Input!
I guess the consensus is get the Seda Swift. Does anyone have any experience with this kayak? I’ve found some reviews(on this site), but most are very old.