Anti-fog for eyeglasses camera lens?

Ok, I know there are numerous anti-fog products out there for divers, etc… My question is: which one is the best? When I am on the Nantahala this Spring I don’t want my camera lens or eyeglasses to fog up. Is there a product that will really work, or not? Thanks!

fog or water drips
I’ve not had much trouble with fogging glasses or cameras when on the water. For scuba masks, I think the fogging occurs due to your body heating the air to be warmer than the water temp, so the water condenses on the cool lens. Not as much of an issue with glasses, as they don’t trap air, so you don’t usually get the temperature differential.

On cameras and glasses, the issue more seems to be water droplets. They can be wiped off with dry cloth (microfiber is better at preventing scratches) or washed off.

If you have fog inside your camera lens, that is a different issue.

Don’t put such products on camera
lens or lens cover. Those are likely to have fancy optical coatings, and anti-fog guck may degrade their optical performance. The same can be true for quality eyeglasses, though I specifically asked for mine to be left uncoated so I could clean the lens without endangering the coating.

One “cleaning” method that seems a bit helpful against fogging is to lick the lens with the tip of your tongue. Rinse it in the river (my cameras are waterproof) and blow most of the moisture off the lens. The rest should evaporate as you let the lens reach surrounding air temperature.

Remember that fogging occurs when the lens is colder than the air. If the lens stays a bit warmer (due to your radiant personality) then it will slowly dry and clear. If your glasses get sloshed again, the lens temp drops and they may fog. But river conditions are such that fogging is not likely to persist.

Another product I use but would never apply to coated camera lenses or eyeglasses is RainX.

Here’s another trick that I use to clear fog off my car windshield in the morning, and avoid re-fogging until the engine warms enough to heat the windshield from inside. I simply take a pitcher of warm water out to the car and pour it over the windshield. The windshield stays warmer than the air long enough to prevent refogging.

You might use a similar trick for glasses on the river. Keep a small, flat, squirt bottle of water where it will be warmed a bit by your body, and you can get it out without disrobing. Some drysuits have a front pocket for this. If your glasses fog, that slightly warmer water will unfog them and prevent refogging for a short while.

Next you can engineer an internal water bottle that squirts slightly warm water on your glasses through little tubes.

Eyglasses - RainX
As a guy who has been wearing glasses for 30 years

I swear by RainX on my lenses while on the water.

Gel toothpaste washing
I would not do anything like this for camera or binoc lenses, but I have washed sunglass lenses (plastic) with gel toothpaste and then rinsed with plain water. A chemist told me that this would prevent fogging. He was right, but the effects were very short-lived. Figure on washing them like this for every use.

Try this

Another option is the low setting of a hair dryer before you go out.


Shaving Cream
Shaving cream… I dont know if I’d put it on a camera lens but I’ve used it on my eye glasses for years. Usually have to reapply maybe 3-4 times a year. Just put a drop on each lens and rub it dry with a cloth.

I tried it, and I could detect a bit of
optical degradation. I’ve used RainX on our cars for many years, but a film on glass a couple of feet away will not affect acuity the way a film on eyeglasses can do.

RainX does get water off the lenses, but it isn’t that great at deterring condensation… RainX makes a different product for fogging of the inside of windshields. I tried it and it was awful.

So I’m reporting a trade-off. RainX on eyeglasses will get water to roll or shake off better, but I notice a bit of optical degradation.

anti fog
I have used this stuff on my glasses for skiing with goggles on. I also tried the rainx anti fog. This stuff worked better.

Baby Shampoo
Is what I use inside my swim goggles and it doesn’t sting or fog up during a 2.5 mile swim. Simply coat, rinse and swim. Works well with my AR glasses too. For camera lenses and binocs, I just spray the free refill eyeglass cleaner solution from Costco on them and wipe with micro cloth.

My sunglasses fog up when I’m paddling.
I haven’t tried any solutions except taking them off.

I’d like to resolve this issue, but haven’t but any effort into it.

Have you tried the cheap Zebco flip-ups?
They aren’t optically wonderful, but they are polarized to cut glare. If you swim in whitewater, the lens panel will flip upward so the glasses don’t get pulled off your face. I used to modify the hinge and spring to make sure the lens panel didn’t come loose entirely.

I don’t use them anymore, because in my early advancing middle age I need prescription lenses.

I just discovered this little spray
bottle from Wal-mart in the optical department. I used it on swim goggles and a facemask. Worked great and cost a couple of bucks.