Any 6+ footers in a WS Tempest 165?

I posted this as a follow up to another thread and got one response from Kudzu, but seeing has he’s a few inches shorter then me I thought I’d ask others.

I found a demo 165 for sale about 3 hours from me last weekend but only had a chance to sit in it on the floor. I’m about 6’ 1" 165-170lbs with a 33-34 inseam and I could BARELY fit in the 165 with my feet on the pedals. If I pulled the pedals back out of the way I was actually pretty comfortable, though it felt like the seat could stand to be moved back a couple inches yet. I think it might be a nice fit with the seat moved and maybe building up the front bulkhead if the pedals still seem too short; but unfortunately I won’t be able to try the modifications until after I buy. Just curious if others my height have had any luck with the 165. If it sounds like the mods would work I’ll see if I can get it out for a test paddle with the peddles out of the way to see just how I like it.

I’m looking for a lower volume boat for mainly day tripping with the occasional camping trip; mainly flat water.



Have you even given the T170 a chance?
I know a 6’1-er who paddled a Capella. On literally every paddle, he complained of numbness, backache, and cramps, and he never did any long-distance paddles. He could not wear Chota Mukluks in winter–his bootclad feet would not fit in that boat. Then one day he got into a rented Storm and raved about how comfortable he was, how well the boat tracked, etc etc…

BUT somebody had taught him that only low-volume skegged kayaks were used by “real” paddlers. He stopped paddling due to multiple body pains.

The Tempests come with hip pad kits (many shims of different thicknesses), adjustable thigh braces, etc. Might be worthwhile padding the T170 and then actually paddling it to see if it’s “too high volume.”

you can remove the footpegs-
without harming the boat for demo purposes…

the cap that is at the close end of the footpeg rail pops off with a little pressure…try it without them…

I haven’t paddled the 170 yet but did sit in it. I fit in it just fine, though it does feel like the cockpit would need to be padded for me. I definitely haven’t ruled it out and plan on test paddling it; just that it’s not something I can get a good deal on now.

I’m not in a terribly big rush to buy a touring kayak realizing it likely won’t get much more use this season. So I’m just kind of looking out for deals that I can’t pass up and taking my time now. This 165 would be a good deal if moving the seat would give me the extra clearance I need. I realize you shouldn’t buy a boat by price alone though and I’m keeping that in mind.

With the pedals moved out of the way I felt like I fit quite well, just that I couldn’t draw a leg up out of the cockpit without nearly sitting on top of the rear deck. If all the responses say that people 6’ and over just plain don’t fit well I won’t go to the trouble of driving 3 hours and trying to arrange a test paddle (they’re done demoing for the season and I don’t know if they’ll let me take it out for sure or not).



if it paddled OK and you like, buy it.

the seat is fairly EZ to move back an inch or two then the footbraces will work fine.

170 is tooooo big for your uses. IMO


no paddle yet
>>>if it paddled OK and you like, buy it.

That’s just it, I haven’t paddled it yet and if I get feedback from other people my height saying even after moving the seat their wasn’t enough room I probably won’t bother making the 3 hour trip and trying to line up a test paddle (they’re done demoing for the year and don’t know if they’ll let me take it out or not).

Then again, ah heck, I might as well go up there no matter what and check it out further. Like I’ve got anything else to do…



we are same dimensions
I’ve paddle it and my impression is that you’ll be happy if you ditch the footpegs and foam out the front bulkhead. Sweet boat–worth a look.

My Kayak Buddies…
My two bike/kayak buddies are TALL guys. Up in the 6’4" range. I think one is 165 pounds and the other about 185 pounds. They both routinely use my boat for rolling… with the seat moved back about 2 inches.

I’m 6’2", 165#, 35" inseam. (Yeah, I know… I was assembled from the spare parts bin)

Wide hips so I removed the pads altogether. Moved the seat back a couple of inches and LOVE the boat!

Still cannot use large footgear, e.g., Chotas, Boundary boots, etc. Feet are size 11. I wear NRS paddle shoes over G/T dry suit socks in the winter. Works well.

Don’t paddle it much anymore as a smaller friend has absconded with it on a seemingly permanent basis.

In summary, you’re weight is right there for the 165. The 170 will likely drown you if you prefer a lower volume fit.

The T-165 was an instant love story for me.

Pleasant waters to ya.


I Gotta Ask…
Are you sure the pegs were adjusted way forward? Did you set the adjustment yourself? I’m thinking you should fit even before moving the seat back if the pegs are properly adjusted.

tight, yes, but should fit.

I paddled mine for several weeks before moving the seat. Did the relocation more to achieve easy ingress on the river banks where entry is more challenging.

My biggest problem was more in terms of foot size as opposed to leg length. Can’t stand to have my toes rubbin’ on the ceiling!


perhaps not
I thought they were full forward but maybe they weren’t; I’m not so sure one wasn’t farther forward then the other. The little adjustment rod that runs back from the pedal was far enough forward it had dropped down out of it’s holder on the right side. Not quite so far on the other. I couldn’t get the left side ahead anymore and neither could the sales man.

I just called the place to arrange a test paddle this weekend but it’s already been sold. Oh well, time to settle myself back down again and keep the nose to the trail.

Thanks for all the advice,