any big boys paddling the OT Vapor 12?

anyone out there paddling an old town vapor 12? Particularly larger paddlers? Looking for your thoughts on it.

my 2 cents
"Big boys" should not paddle anything less then 15’…

I am 6’3" 250…

Maybe 14’ ;6’5" 235#.

It’s not a bad big-guy boat.
Because it’s so deep - it’ll hold a big guy pretty well. I wasn’t a fan of it when I paddled it last year (5’ 11" @ 265 lbs.-ish).

I subscribe to the thought that “big guys” need a 14’ boat under them.

That said, I took a 12’ LL Bean Manatee out for a quick test spin yesterday. I was pretty amazed that it held me + paddled alright (262 lbs. at the moment). I had very low expectations going in and was pleasantly surprised.

i’d like to paddle it and see. I’m on a OK Big Game and its huge but serves the purpose. I was looking at the Vapor for some of the faster rivers we run.

Faster rivers…
I don’t know that it’s going to have the hull rigidity to handle the faster rivers. I imagine if it gets pinned against a rock or tree or something that bending would be a real concern.

(Said from someone who doesn’t do whitewater!)

I have dish pans made of thicker material. The kayak is a flimsy peice of junk and does not belong on a white water stream… sorry for being so candid.

Sounds like it is named appropriately.

Not junk.
Every kayak has a time and a place.

I do agree that it doesn’t belong in white water.

Or on a roof in hot weather

To live up there?
Of course not - nor should you do that with most plastic boats.

I guess I’m not sure that I see the point of this exercise though?