Any big guys paddle a Torrent?

Just wondering how it performs in class I and II loaded with about 240 lbs?


I am a canoe paddler at 215lbs. I had great fun on a Torrent in class II and III last summer. I bet you would like it.

Good Boat For Big Guy
I swam a few times, but I’m a canoe paddler. Just remember, us larger guys don’t have to “Edge” it by leaning much; too much=swim. I didn’t keep it too long because I prefer canoes and SOT’s are a cold, wet ride when the WW is the best around here; during winter and spring. Thought I had a few pics of it and found one of the Torrent and one from an eddy where I was paddling the Torrent. Hope that helps! WW

Similar to a Pegasus? (nm)

E-mail Boyscout
I think the Pegasus was a bit longer and narrower? But Boyscout has owned and extensively paddled both boats and could give you a better comparison than most of us. Here’s a pic of him paddling the Pegasus. WW

Have you considered a Dagger Approach?

Thanks guys,
I’ll zip him an email.

The appraoch is a pretty neat looking boat, but since trying the Pegasus, I have been interested in a shorter SOT that can handle solid class II and be fun for short lake trips.


The torrent is nice

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Prefer canoes now so my kayaks just kill grass and get loaned out. but i still consider the torrent a very nice kayak. actcualy thats a cayman by dagger in the shot. but i have the peguses and consider it a great boat to.

The Dagger Approach 10
I paddle in central VA (mostly James River) where there are lots of sections of class I / II mixed with FW. Over the last year, I have come to realize this is an excellent boat for this type of water. It will not break any speed records on the FW but it does Ok while allowing you to paddle a WW boat in the rapids.

My only beef with the Approach was the drop skeg was not well built. I give credit to Dagger for replacing my boat when I had issues with it. I also understand they have beefed up the skeg on the newer models. I recommend only using the skeg when you are sure the water is deep enough. Skeg or no skeg, this is a solid boat for paddling a combo of FW up to class III rapids.