Any Blackhawk news?

The new owner of Blackhawk Canoes said he would be reintroducing some models this year. However, there has been no activity on the Facebook page in months. Has anyone here heard anything?


Lost interest…
When the website started; I checked it on a fairly regular basis for any new news or updates.

The news & the updates faded away, and I lost interest.

Early news that the Covenant would not be one of the models made did not help. It was the only model I don’t have that I really had any interest in pursuing.


I’d hate to see it fail
…before it got off the ground. I was pretty excited about the prospect of buying a brand-new Blackhawk. My Starship is heavy and getting heavier as I age (custom heavy-duty layup weighs 55 lbs. with factory yoke). I started dreaming of an all kevlar skin Starship weighing maybe 36 lbs. That would be nice!

Of course, canoes are not a big business and solo canoes even less so. And you have to wonder how much they would have to charge for these babies! I wish them all the best, but you have to wonder…

I’d like to try a lighter weight Zephyr.
Maybe in the 35 lb or less range.

I paddled mine last week for the first time in a couple years and when I got the seat height and trim tuned in, it was a pleasure to paddle.

At 44 lbs with the seat and portage yoke mounted (ICS system), it just feels so much heavier to lift and carry than my 32 lb options.

My paddling buddy has one but with the regular seat, no ICS. He told me what it weighs, but I can’t remember. I think it’s in the low 40s. Beautiful boat,fast and maneuverable. An incredible achievement in canoe design. I’d love to have one, but I am too big for it.