Any body know this dry suit?

if you wander over tot eh
UK River guidebook forum you will find a bit more info about the Lomo suits…sounds like they are liked and a good price…

Regardless of how good they are, or even after tax and shipping still a decent deal, go with a brand that you can be assured it will be fixed and without a great deal of tears and expense. I am most familiar with the generous and fair product support of Kokatat, but there are others that are likely great also.

According to that website they’re running about 6 months behind right now on manufacturing the suits. I wonder what their turnaround time for repairs is like? :stuck_out_tongue:

My opinion
There are a lot of drysuits out there that are not regularly tested by the rigors of paddling, repeated imersion, rolling, etc. Don’t know if this is one of them or not, but I’m thinking of some that are made specifically for sailing, which doesn’t get you the same frequency of immersion + activity.

For this reason, I would stick with one of the “big three” that are commonly used by kayakers - Kokotat, Stohlquist, or Palm. Kokotat is probably the best known because it was the first suit to be made with Gore-tex. When Gore’s patent expired, Stohlquist and Palm began to use “copies” of Gore-tex developed by China and the UK, respectively; from what I’ve been told, they are the same construction with different names.

Anything else, unless it’s commonly used and put to the test by paddlers, you might want to think twice about. Again, just my opinion.

Try this “drysuit” very stylish

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