Any body paddle a Sawyer Autumn Mist?

I have a line on an Autumn Mist, I have read the reviews here. Are you folks happy with the quality of the boat. The one i am looking at is in the golden glass layup. thanks for any info.


I’ve no experience with the Autumn Mist. My dim memory suggests it might have been a Dave Yost design, and I think it has a good rep.

I did have a 79 Sawyer Cruiser in Goldenglass for 23 years and found it to be a very stiff and durable hull. The stiffness was better in fact than the few other high end composites I’ve paddled, but that is just one boat compared with a few others. We used it for hunting, fishing, camping and even subjected it to some use on Hill Country rivers. My relatives and friends tend to be utilitarian and so even though I tried to take good care of it, it recieved its share of accidental knocking around.

The gel coat was showing its age a little when I sold it this summer, but I wasn’t always able to keep it under cover and in Texas that is foolishness.

Good luck.

I have an Autumn Mist

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and am very happy with it. It is in the 55# range which pushes the edge of solo loading and unloading easily. There is no rocker which means good tracking and with the sliding seat trimmable for any wind condition. A bit squirrely in following seas when loaded with about 250# of paddler and gear but manageable. I equipped mine with toe straps on the foot brace which helps heel the boat for tight turns but it is still a bit of a chore to turn tightly. Used it on my last BWCAW trip and was able to stay with a 16' sea kayak using sit & swich with a bent shaft paddle. Use it mostly for flat water since I have another short rockered canoe for river use. Go for it I suspect you too will be happy in a Mist.

Thanks Mike,Osprey an PRR
The boat sounds like what I am looking for, will pick it up tomorrow, I may have to cancel a kayak trip on Saturday to take her out. Keep the info coming.

Yes I had one but Coronaboy has it now
15’ classic DY design with a very nice fully adjustable tractor seat that makes the canoe very easy and fast to trim in any kind of conditions. I’m sure Rick has not had a chance to paddle it much yet but I’m sure he’s going to like it. It’s a reasonably fast boat and he’s a strong paddler. It tracks very well and I found it very comfortable in Maytag waves and cross speedboat wakes. It’s a paddlers boat and takes a little getting used to but once you see what it will do it’s a joy to do some traveling in.

Thanks NT
for the info, I am really looking forward to getting picking it uo tomorrow.

Yup…I got mine from N.T.
and only paddled it once so far. But 55 #it’s not…more like around 40 in the goldenglass…I think…

Ahh Heck!
I can’t get the boat till sunday. Thanks for the info. The boat weighs 48# according to the owner, weighed it himself. 48# sounds good to me, that is 10 lbs lighter than my current solo, a penobscot 16. Thanks again.