any canoe recliners ?

I have a cheapo 14" canoe,hard plastic seats.

I am looking for an aftermarket seat to install.

not a “strap-on” camp chair, but a real live Barko -lounger. I want one that raises/lowers, the whole unit tilts back, the back/headrest lays back, Oh and a massage unit would be cool, but not a show stopper if it does’nt have one.

Drilling out the old one and fabbing brackets for the new one is not a problem.



You really are slack, Daddy.

Here ya go

What A seat!

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Holy Cow! I thought the guy was kidding about the recliner until I saw this site!

That’s a seat! Must weight a ton. I can’t imagine using such a thing with a single blade and traditional paddling techniques… but for the paddler who likes to sit back and use a kayak paddle with a canoe and just waddle along that seat would be just the ticket! All it needs is a beer can holder! I wonder if they make a matching ottoman? - RK

The arm chair paddler can have his cake and eat it too.

This must be the real breakthrough in paddling!


You’re missing the point on the CV seat

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this is designed for persons with disabilities such as amputees who do not have legs to help support them, or in cases of spinal injuries when the abdominal muscles are not able to support the body upright. I paddle with a paraplegic who has a spinal injury and this type of seat arrangement is the only way she can sit in her kayak and paddle with us.

Amputees in the
paddling club use similar set ups.

Chosen Valley's invention is a godsend for those who would not otherwise be able to enjoy our fine sport.


In addition to the lounge chair, a
Waterproof TV and mounting brackets need to be installed so that I can watch, “Dancing with the Stars” while I “paddle” my canoe. :slight_smile:

That is some bark-o-lounger!!

Somebody pass me the popcorn and a beer.

Where’s the flip up foot rest?
And the beer (I mean cup) holder? Is a matching ottoman available?

No offense meant by anyone, I’m sure.
Thanks for pointing that out though . . . .

Bacalounger Boat
Well I wouldn’t call it a canoe but when I saw these the first thing I thought was, “Where’s the remote?”


and know this, now that you have reminded us of its uses I have forwarded the link to someone who may use it in that light…thank you for the reminder…

That canoe seat
looks great, if you take your barber along.

Get a haircut while paddling !

Forgot about those.
I sat in one a month ago at a new dealer in my area. They’re not as comfortable as I expected after reading all of the hype about them. But then again, I was expecting too much because of all of the hype. It WAS pretty nice . . . .