Any Canoe Shops in S. California?

I’m looking for a shop that has solo canoes. I’m thinking bout going from kayak, to canoe. Anybody know of any shops in Orange County area?

Looking for a lightweight solo canoe.


Not sure on Canoe shops other than REI
type places … Probably get more from guys who know or maybe some up a little farther North ?

I am thinking EEL, Kern or American River.

Q: Have you considered an outrigger canoe ?

Good demo days this time of year because of racing schedules have the manufacturers moving all around SoCal.

Kayak shop

South Wind Claims to have canoes
Don’t remember seeing any there.

I will be in the Monterrey and SF and

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Reno areas mid Feb and could possibly haul something down to you when I head home.

The carry a couple of Wenonah
models. If a Wenonah dealer, they probably can order.

Hmm! Questions, Questions
Hey guys. Thanks for the the ideas, and offers, yet I am not exactly sure what brand canoe I’d like to paddle.

I do know that I’d like it to be lightweight. I just sold my Epic Ultra-Carbon kayak and would like to keep my solo canoe in the 30 pound range.

Ono…I like the idea of a C-1 but I like to paddle lakes, rivers, and just kinda do the wildlife view thing.

If anyone has knowledge of a composite, or hybrid, lightweight canoe…let me know.

I suppose the manufacturer could ship, but I’m not real keen on possible damage from shipping.

Thanks for the offers Tsunami, and Eric…appreciate that, but until I figure out what I’m looking for, I’ll just have to wait and due my research.

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A friend
of mine bought his Mad River there…

Canoe Pacific
I bought a Wenonah Solo Plus from David Melechin at Canoe Pacific. He’s near the Santa Monica Airport. Nice guy and he knows his boats. 310-397-4092.


Wenonah Lookin Good
Wow, after looking at the Wenonah website again, I kinda like the Vagabond 14ft 6in. Reading some of the reviews has also leaned me towards the Wenonah.

Gotta pay my taxes first, then see how much is left in making the decision to buy graphite, 2300 bucks.

Thanks again for the tips, and info.

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