Any Comments on the Tiderace Xcape X

Big guys, you know the problem–we’ve got a lot few options. Curious if anyone has paddled the Tiderace Xcape / Xcape X. Description sounds in the ball park of what I’m looking for…if I can find one for a test paddle!

My only comment is…
I want one!!

Heard great things
Have yet to try one but I can say the construction of the recent boats is superb so there are zero quality concerns. If ya like the way it feels on ya buy one and go paddle it.

Will demo (and looking for Xplore)
P.S. Or the Xplore X…

I’ll sit in and paddle the Xcape next weekend. They’ve put an agressive price point on it. No Xplore X’s to be found yet. Still looking…

Not sure the cost but far superior
to most lay-ups out there. You’d be getting better composite technology for less. Use same factory as latest Necky boats which are superbly tough and well built (finally). The epoxy laminates are sick tough and workmanship is industry leading IMO.

Tiderace XCape X Size
Paddled one this weekend. I’m 6’6", and it fit. Unless I wanted to use the foot pegs, then no go.