Any Easy Rider canoe owners who can help with pictures?

I’m trying to restore an older Easy Rider canoe. Its decals are mostly damaged or missing all-together. I’ve been able to recreate the main logo and the circular decal with the paddler, but I still need the model name decal. Mine is completely missing, so I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s an Ouzel 17 based on the measurements. However, if you can help by taking a clear, straight-on picture of the model name from yours, it would be a big help. Even if it’s a different model, it would at least help me find a similar font/look. A rough measurement to help with the scale would be great too. Thanks!

So I googled Easy Rider Canoe and came up with a lot of hits. Are they too new?

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Thanks for taking the time to help! I haven’t found a good, straight-on example. Ideally, I’d like to digitally trace over the image for the decal. None of the ones I saw on the Easy Rider site were suitable. If you found a good one that I missed, can you link to it?

Did you call them and ask they send you new logo decals?

I actually just heard back from them a little while ago (I reached out last week) and have an appointment to go there in person next week. My main goal is to get replacement tubing for a new thwart, but I will also ask about decals at that time. They said they’re winding down operations due to retirement and are only open for set appointments. I think I’ll try and get a few spare parts while I can.

Just to follow up on this…

I was able to get a full set of decals (and material for my thwart.) I actually snagged the last Ouzel decal (and confirmed that it was indeed an Ouzel canoe.) It was awesome getting to walk around and talk with the owner. I’m sad that they’re closing things down.

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I have an Ouzel 15.8 I’m restoring and I’m looking for decals as well. I went by the Easy Rider factory and it appears that I’m too late. It looks like they have closed up shop. Do you have any extras you would be willing to part with? Or other sources?