Any EFT's near Portland, OR?

I am interested in a fast kayak and would like to demo one.


Newberg, OR

call doug
He often keeps track of where his boats are. I love my eft

Although there are a lot of paddlers in Portland, most paddle touring boats or are whitewater paddlers. Fitness paddling seems to have centered on outrigger canoe racing, not kayaking.

There is a kayak racing club in Portland, PKCT, with a focus on flatwater sprint and a junior program, but adult fitness paddling never quite got going.

A core group of dedicated paddlers have started a Google group to address this lack; Northwest Performance Paddlers.

Current members own a variety of fast kayaks, and are usually quite accomodating. To my knowledge, no one in the Portland area owns anything from WestSideBoat. Rapier 20, an old Nelo FW 2000, Kayaksport Vampire, Necky Phantom, these are some I know are around here, plus some less demanding boats such as Necky Looksha II, Epic 18s…but more common(but still rare, IMO) are open deck boats, aka surfskis.

The closed cockpit boats are usually held onto by their owners, but every fall you can usually find a cheap surf ski. It never seems to end, every year some adventure racers buy a surf ski to gain a percieved advantage, wind up going slower (falling out, or just constant bracing), and sell it in the fall.

JD Davies, owner of Waterwalker nearby, stocks mostly outriggers canoes but also has a few surf skis. The only closed deck boat he has is the Think Fit, a particularly nice and versatile boat.

Try joining the google group, and posting your inquiry there.

Good luck, maybe I will see you on the water!



Thank you for your comments. I met JD last weekend and demoed the Think Fit as well as the Think Evo. I actually have a deposit on an EFT with WestSide Boat Shop. JD suggested I try one before buying (good advice, but not easily followed). I liked the Fit, it was tippier than I expected, however I managed to stay upright.