any electric kayaks?


I wanted to buy something like a motorized kayak.

i was looking at

any other brands there?


…hobie cat is the only other electric powered kayak I know of…It’s a SOT

Ocean Kayaks’ Torque
has an electric trolling motor. Another SOT BTW


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The Mokai is powered by a gasoline engine - it's not much of a kayak really, although it looks cool to me, more like a small hydroplane.

You could also consider putting an electric motor on a real kayak - the Torqeedo Ultralight is somewhat expensive, but is compact and designed for the application, as opposed to just using a regular trolling motor designed for lower speeds.

I have a kayak that's a bit of a dog, and I've been considering motorizing it to have some fun.

PS it looks like the electric motor on the Hobie mentioned above is a dedicated version of the Torqeedo Ultralight.

here’s one

scroll to the very bottom of the page

That’s just the Mokai again
and it isn’t electric, it’s powered by a Subaru gas engine.

then there’s this…


how about an electric fork?
Maybe start with a tool designed for the job. Get yourself a square stern canoe and an electric motor. If the spray bothers you, put a deck on it.

Wilderness Systems…
used to offer a Pamlico Excel , now called the 160T I think, with an electric trolling motor in place of the rudder.

I don’t know if you could find one, or want to make one, but if you want pics, I think they are still on my hard drive somewhere. We sold the thing a couple of years ago.

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State regs
When you put a motor,electric or otherwise, on a kayak in NC you must register it like a motorboat. You should check your state’s regulations.

I have a Mokai that I use for fishing in the larger streams here in the ozarks. It works great when I don’t have a partner to shuttle cars. It will go upstream against any current I’ve run into yet (15 to 20 mph top). It will go in about 6 inches of water with no problem but I weigh only about 165 lbs. It is heavy though about 100 lbs without the motor.

Comes with an electric motor
optional.Check it out !