Any experience with Paddlecart?


The good news is the city juts built a boat launch 200m down the street so we won’t have to bushwhack to the river’s edge next summer. The bad news is I need to find a couple of carts for our rec boats.

The mini-carts with a sharp v-slot that fit on the end of a kayak are compact, but comments on the REI site are negative.

I bought a couple of Wheeleez and while they appear well-made, the axles are too wide (23") to fit in our rear hatches. So they’ve been sent back.

A bit of web browsing brought me to Paddlecart who appear to have designed a robust cart that folds down nicely.

Any experience with these carts?

After sad experience
with two other carts, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Paddleboy (a “fat boy”), the cognac of carts, so to speak. This cart performs just as advertised. I couldn’t be happier.

I do canoes, so your requirements may differ. But P-b seems to have a range of products for every need.

Fat Boy here
One hand operation on land or in water. Nothing to collapse on you when going over bumps. Works well for canoes and large kayaks. For better hatch storage, you might want to consider the Paddleboy original (smaller version).

Paddleboy has been sold
to Seattle Sports. Hopefully the new owner will maintain the high quality of design and manufacturing. I use a Fatboy for everything from my Mad River Revelation, Boreal Esperanto, down to my P&H Sirius. Comes apart in a snap, fits even in the rear hatch of the super-low-volume Sirius. Well worth the extra money. I’ve used it almost daily over the past three summers and it has yet to show any sign of deterioration - even after repeated salt-water use with sporadic rinsing. Wish they built cars (and boats) like this.

Paddleboy Peanut
my second paddlecart purchase. It is damn near perfect for my use. Read my review in the Accessories section of pnet Product Reviews.

The buyout by Seattle Sports is troubling. Seattle Sports is a company that is large by paddle industry standards. They mass produce items of middle quality and they have large market penetration - like McDonald’s. I have passed on buying anything made by them having seen the cheap stitching.

Quality can be all over the place because of their volume.

Thanks for the prompt and positive feedback. I placed an order for two carts today; Misty was very helpful. The shipping to Canada will kill me though!

self made
I’ve just made one (like this), myself;

build your own
It’s easy and fun. I’ve built a few, All you need is some aluminum square tubing, sturdy aluminum angle, steel or alum axle and wheels. :slight_smile:

excellent product
I added a belly strap to mine so rec kayaks won’t tilt sideways and come loose. I use mine mostly for solo canoes. When I arrive at the boat landing I install the Paddlecart while the boat is still loaded and still in the water, then roll it onto the boat ramp still loaded and head for the truck. This is more expensive than most, but will last a lifetime. For rougher portages I’d opt for the dually or the sand tires.