any float tube recommendations?

I know it’s not a canoe or kayak, but it is watersport, so… Can anybody recommend a float tube or offer advice on its functionality? I saw one in use, and it looked fascinating.

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float tube
I use a float tube all the time and am hooked. Start out with a inexpensive one to see if you like it. It’s not for everyone. The round ones are the cheapest. The horseshoe ones track better and are more stable. (never tried a horseshoe) I’m now looking at a water skeeter. The tubes are great to get back into those remote lakes where the portage is a killer. If you need any info emial me.


float tubes are great
I’ve used a float tube for over thirty years, have two. Both are round ones with truck innertubes. One is a vinyl backed nylon, the other nylon only. Both track well. Its not the shape that affects tracking, but the person. I’ve never used any propulsion other than plain feet and do well. Get one, they’re great if you like to wade wet for bass and sunfish.

float tubes
what is your price range? what equipment do you usually take along(drink,tackle box,multiple rods,etc.)i was looking at pontoon boats as an alternative since its portable and weigh about 45-50 lbs and have platforms to tie stuff down. Cabelas has a boat priced at $180 it might only be mail order good luck

float tube prices
I’ve seen float tubes as low as $40 and as high as $150+. I don’t know if this is one of those areas where you get what you pay for. Most seem to do the job adequetely, but some have more bells and whistles. A couple of big pockets is a boon. Some have more than two. Backrests come with some of the more expensive ones, but I don’t know if that’s really a necessity.

As for tackle, that depends on your type of fishing. Of course, space is limited so what you can’t carry the kitchen sink. I fly fish and use ultralight spinning gear so my gear is minimal. One box of flies (mostly bass and panfish poppers, some wet flies, a few rubber spiders are my flyrod choices. for spinning, its usually 0 Mepps spinning baits and rooster tails.

Main thing, keep it light. You won’t use most of it anyway, so leave it at home.

Float tubes.
I have a float tube (Togiak) and it is by far the most fun way to fish, and productive as well. It feels like you are sitting in a Lay-z-boy, and boat position is mindless–one flip of the flippers. Much easier than paddeling. The only drawback is waiting for the water to warm. I feel you can cover a good amount of ground as well, and get exercise without trying. My model has plenty of space (pockets) and a mesh in the back for a soft sided cooler. Slips on like a backpack. There is an article in a current In Fisherman magazine, a bass fishing special. The fish never see you coming, and landing a big Northern with you’re feet in the water is exhilerating. Next…a muskie!!! Tim.

Float Tubes
I have had a Caddis and Woods type U boat, Woods more comfortable. I now have a Hobie 75 pontoon which is even more comfortable. Great way to sneak on fish. Problems include leaks, cold water compresses air in tubes, your tube is only as safe as the bladder, I would never use one without my SOS fishing vest which is the CO2 model. High winds can push you across the lake and it tough to get out the way of some jet skiers, who want to show you a good time. Price, like Bell helmets says if you have a $10 head then buy a $10 helmet. My first tube cost $75 buck my current one $300 and a lifetime warranty. I am not sure who’s life, probably the salesman’s. Oh yeah, watch out for elevation changes can damage a pumped up tube, I have pumped up my bag the night before and than gone to 7,000 feet , my bladder split somewhere near Boreal on I-80.

float tube air leaks
As I said, I’ve used tubes for over 30 years. I’ve never had a leakage problem. My tubes are all the inner-tube type (truck tube) and are difficult to puncture. One of them is over 20 years old and still has the same tube. The other over 10 and ditto for it. As for jet ski problems, it all depends on where you fish. No problem on streams and on lakes, shallow areas with cover are not usually places you find them. That said, jet skis are a problem for kayak/canoe ppl and fishermen. Take along a pad and pencil and write down the boat number. Pictures are even better. Give the warden or lake patrol good evidence.

Wind has never been a problem for me and i live near the Texas Gulf Coast where it blows all the time. Tubes aren’t designed for the big lake wide open areas of a lake and you seldom have problems with the wind in more sheltered areas.

I sent in the order today…
and bought a u-shaped model for my father-in-law.

I’ll get to try it out this summer, too. Can’t wait!

Thank you for your feedback, folks.


and consider getting the fins. I’ve never used then, but others say they help them move around.

Since buying the Loon
all I’ve done with the old float tube is move it out of the way. Hafta admit that it was OK for a bit of trolling, but I mostly fly fish these days.


Float tubes are great for fly fishing
warm water lakes and streams for bass and sunfish. For small streams with long pools and rapid areas too shallow for a canoe or kayak, its a superior way to fish than a kayak. I have both.

No float tubes around here…
Gators, mocassins.

Mocassin is a generic name for water
snakes. If you mean cottonmouth snakes, they’ll not bother you if you don’t go messing with them. Alligators usually give a wide berth too, but agree its best not to try their patience.

You have never ran across a cottonmouth water moccasin in a real bad mood if you beleive that.The cottonmouth is a very territorial minded snake.

They can and will attack if all you have done is get a little to close to to the area they are claiming.

I know because I’v had it happen to me many times,including this year.

Its true most snakes you will see are only common or banded water snakes which drop off into the water and dissapear and most of the time a cottonmonth will too.

But the one time a cottonmonth gets pissed off at you just for being in the neighborhood you’ll regret it.

belly boat
Oh,I love my belly boat, always have but the powers-to-be around here banned all floatation devices on the lakes around my house. I’ve been fishing these lakes as well as trapping and hunting (when that was still allowed) for over 60 years…so now it’s back to the salt water and a SOT. A hint: in those summer days when the water temp. gets up there and you’re immersed in water getting close to body temp…tie a tether on you fishin’ stick cuz ya can find yourself dozing off donchaknow? S If I were going to get a new float tube I would probably opt for one of those pontoon types…a lot easier to get in and out of. My ole Bucks Bag donut has been going strong for over twenty years.
When threatened, the Cottonmouth may respond by coiling its body and opening its mouth as though ready to bite. The exposed white interior of the mouth is what gave rise to the common name, ‘Cottonmouth.’ If not hard pressed, the Cottonmouth usually will retreat. This open mouth threat display has led to the widespread belief that Cottonmouths are aggressive snakes. In fact, they are one of the more sedate, even placid, venomous snakes.

I guess that you did not read the “I’v been attacked” part of my message.

Let me broaden that a bit “I’v been attacked and bitten” By a cottonmouth that dropped off the bank behind me and was bitten on the hand.

I had already waded past the snake and was no threat to him.

This caused severe nerve damage that I still have to deal with forty years later.

I have been wade fishing for over forty five years,and when I said I had been attacked without provocation I ment just that.

If you put the years in,in the waters that I have

in the sloughs and swamps of Arkansas you would understand that animal behavior is not cut and dried as one might read in a book.

I have been teaching this as a hunter saftey and conservation instructer for over twenty years.

I have the credentials to back my experiences.

I will speak no more on this thread.

Nuff Said.