Any good adventure kayaking books?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any good kayaking expeidition/adventure books. Sea kayaking. I have seen one for whitewater/rafting that has stories, but something in the way of sea kayaking stories, or a book on long sea kayaking expeditions. Anything worth reading out there? I appreciate suggestions.

Deep trouble
Have you read “Deep Trouble”?

It contains older accounts of sea kayaking incidents resulting in deaths or near-deaths, and an analysis of what went wrong. From Sea Kayaker Mag.

Definitely worth a read if you like that kind of book.

On Celtic Tides…
by Chris Duff, I think.

This man is a hell of a good writer, and paddler.

You’ll enjoy it.


’On Celtic Tides’ is my favorite of Chris Duff’s two books. Second and later book is ‘Southern Exposure’.

Chris Duff is a more evocative and poetic writer.

his books have a spiritual aspect which is not surprising since he once considered a monastic calling.

If you want something more adventure-geared and

rollicking, by a great story teller, check out two books by Jon Turk, a really engaging writer who uses kayaks in his expeditions. ‘Cold Oceans’ and ‘In the Wake of the Jomon’ He will have a third book out this January: ‘The Raven’s Gift’ about his return to the Siberian eastern shore he visited in ‘Jomon.’

Finally, there is a book by Greg Brining about his

adventures circumnavigating Lake Superior. He does

this in stages, sometime w. his fiancee/wife.

‘Wild Shore’ is the title. He wraps in Upper Peninsular history, Native American culture, ecological balance of species, encounters w. some unique humans, and brings it all up close like a Lake Superior wave awash over your bow.

These are ALL worth the read. Good thing we have ice out in Michigan '-)

Kayaking the Vermilion Sea
by Jonathan Waterman. That’s a fitting name for a kayaker. Lots of information about paddling in the Sea of Cortez. Check your local library.

Excellent sailing tale
If you would be willing to read sailing stuff, consider Pete Goss’ book Close to the Wind, the story of his race solo round the globe.

One of my favorites of all time. Pete is not an author, yet the story is so amazing that it is ok.

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When I read your post was "On Celtic Tides." Great book, but already mentioned several times...

Not sea kayaking and perhaps not as well written as Celtic Tides but a real adventure kayak story all the same is "Courting the Diamond Sow" by Wickliffe Walker.
Its an account of the first attempt to descend the Tsangpo River which starts in Tibet (receiving snow melt from the Eastern Kangshung face of Everest), flowing through Bhutan, and eventually becoming the Brahmaputra emptying into the Indian Ocean. Its an attempt at a 9,000 foot descent through a canyon 17,000 ft. high and 15 miles wide (much taller and narrower then the Grand Canyon) with two Himalayan summits (Namcha Barwa and Gyala Pelri) and their runoff to contend with - and all the logistical issues usually associated with Himalayan mountaineering expeditions. Written by US whitewater competitor in '65, '67, and '71 whitewater World Championships as well as the '72 Munich Olympics.
Its a good read. Should be available through the library.

For a short read that'll bring a smile, shoot a glance at "Rafting with the BBC" by David Roberts from his book entitled "Moments of Doubt." Its about a trip with Richard Bangs and filmed by the BBC in New Guinea. Starts like this...

"I was reading a book in the hotel bar when a red-haired man wearing shorts and a life jacket walked in. He looked wet. It took me a moment to recognize him as the BBC assistant cameraman, whom I had met the day before.

I said, "Hi, How's it going?"

He stared wildly back. "Haven't you heard? The others are all dead. I'm the only one left."

This was, to put it blandly, an inauspicious way to begin an expedition."