Any Good Online Kayak dealers?

We don’t have a lot of kayak dealers in my area so I may be forced to purchase online and have it delivered. I was wondering if any of you have purchased a boat online and if so do you know of any reputable online dealers for yaks? I am concerned about damage in shipping more than anything else.

Appomatox River Company
I’ve purchased canoes, my current yak and various accessories from Appomatox River Company. Have been very happy with their service and expertise.

HOWEVER, I live in Richmond and, therefore, deal directly with their retail stores. Cannot attest to their OnLine operation.

Here’s their web address:

Checkm Out QCC
Nice kayaks, great reputation - will actually take the boat back and pay shipping if you don’t like/want it.

Water Walker Sea Kayak,LLC

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;-) - A+++
Excellent customer service. They made a mistake on a description and I expected a kayak w/ a drop down skeg. That model was not offered w/ one. When I contacted them about it, they offered a $100 credit, $100 refund, or total refund and they’d pick up the kayak, shipping paid by them. I took the $100 refund off the already very deeply discounted clearance price and kept the kayak.

Mostly Rec kayaks
but LL Bean has very low shipping charges. Mine came double bagged in bubble wrap without a mark on it.

I got free shipping and no sales tax

Shipping varies
for most places, if it is on sale, you can come out ahead.

The least expensive is picking it up from the distribution shipping place nearest to you.

I priced a used Explorier HV at Kayak Center of Rhode Island. They put it in a crate. About $200 to SC.

QCC ships standard rate and if you don’t like it they pay for the return shipping.

Otherwise shop around for ones on sale. Call them.

there were some good deals

but haven’t called them about shipping.

Got mine husbands through QCC. They have an awesome website that recommends boats based on your skill level, intented skill level, type of paddling you want to do and your size. They also have payment options so you’re not shelling out 2500 at one time if you don’t want to. You also can choose your color scheme because they build it when you order it.

these dealers any good?
Has anyone dealt with or I am interested in the Pungo 140 by Wilderness Systems and QCC only sells their own brand from what I can tell. seems to have an awesome selection.

I have purchased from them and they are first rate.

Just ask
most specialty dealers will ship, especially if it’s a poly kayak.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc. - Yeah one of those specialty kayak dealers.

Hyde Park, NY

Simple Google search
I googled Pungo 140 to see how much they cost relative to shipping. The first site to come up is for a kayak shop that sells Pungos and offers shipping for a reasonable cost. It was so easy to find that I do not want to list the name of the company here.

If you are a real customer really looking to have a Pungo shipped then simply Google for it. If you are looking to do free backdoor advertising for this company then shame on you.

Give me a break
To the gentleman who thinks I am advertising for some kayak company get real!! I am simply asking for a reputable dealer recommendation. I have never purchased a kayak before let alone an online purchase of one. Any idiot can Google and find a dealer but not all dealers are trustworthy. The fact some company comes up on a web search “first” as you say is really no indication of reliability. Isn’t that what this forum is here for to help people and ask questions??? I really am taken aback by your ridiculous insinuation sir…No sir the “shame” as you say is totally on YOU!