Any good paddling in Long Beach, CA?

I’m heading to Long Beach, CA next week for a week long conference. I might think about bringing the kayak if there is anything interesting to see while paddling in Long Beach, CA.

Paddling around any busy harbor can be interesting but I’d like to know if anyone has info on what might be exceptional and worth the trouble of bringing the boat.



Long Beach Kayaking
Just down the coast( in Orange County) is the Newport Back Bay. Good place for birdwatching.

what distance and conditions?
For open ocean there is Palos Verdes nearby that’s nice launching from the beach in San Pedro. For mostly protected you can paddle to the Queen Mary from Los Alamitos Bay which is protected by the breakwater but gets windy and lots of boat traffic as the day goes on. As said, you can also head down to Newport for the harbor or the bird sanctuary of the Back Bay. Finally Laguna further south has excellent open ocean coastal touring but with limited put in options in summer.

Just so you know
Water temperature according to NOAA:

will be between 65F-69F when you visit. Outside temperatures should be quite pleasant to very warm, but that too can vary. Long Beach is known to be one of the warmest areas on the Ca. coast, so that should make for decent paddling.


Thanks. It’s not Tahoe
I paddle on Lake Tahoe almost daily so cold water is not new to me. I will certainly dress for the part if I do get to kayak down there.

I took a swim in the lake (Tahoe that is) a mile from shore yesterday while power boating. It was not pleasant but tolerable for a few minutes. I would certainly not want to be out in anything under 70f and have to swim a long ways. I hate cold water.