Any Grasse River Classic XL owners ?

Are any Grasse River Classic XL owners (or Classic) located in the Wisconsin-midwest area? I would really like to paddle one.

Thanks ! //Tom

Likewise !
What he said!

Don’t try it !
REdcrossRandy tried one a few years back when we did the Clinton,

Now he owns one…

Damn fine boat

try usca nationals
Anything built by grasse river is super. They built the fastest boat in the yukon 1000 miler. Are they serious racers or what? Raced by my neighbor- Kerry newell

I tought Kery raced a
30 foot war canoe? I know he passed me several times when I was racing war canoes.

I’d like to try the Classic.
It’s more my size - 5’6" and about 150 lbs.

I’m curious about how it fits and handles compared to my Wenonah Advantage. At 23 lbs, it would be 13 lbs lighter than my Ultra Light Advantage.