ANY IDEAS? - security, locking cables

sure you can…
but the purpose is to secure your rack to the truck no?..bolt it down, then spot weld the nuts to the bolts so the bolts can’t be easily removed…what’s so confusing?

Oh I see…
My racks are removable by design. But if I decided not to removed them, say while I paddle for a couple of hours, I would secure them by running a cable-lock through them. But I still would have to remove the “horizontal bars” because they are lockable… oh well. :slight_smile:

You can see the rack on the link of the main message at the top.


Fine - Thank you for the info
I agree with your thinking :slight_smile: yes you do what can to prevent theft and leave at that.

The main thing is not to leave your stuff completely unprotected - inviting theft I would say - then you would really feel like an idiot :slight_smile:



Great ideal - an alarm
You know, you are right. We have discussed several “cables” here but not alarms.

Now someone uses a cable with a ball at the end that you can place inside the vehicle and would trigger the car-alarm if someone tried pulling on the cable. BUT my truck does not have an alarm, and trust me… it does not need one. BUT, it would be nice to have a “portable alarm” of somekind as part of the cable-locks somehow that would go off if someone fulled around with the wires hard enough… that would be an extra deterrent :slight_smile:

Oh well, maybe I am beginning to trip out… :slight_smile:

the only alarm
system I trust is a factory installed ignition kill switch buried in the fire wall. They can get in your can but they can not drive it away, would need a tow truck to steal it.

There are many types portable alarm systems. The weather proof mini alarm looks interesting. If I figure out how to mount it, I might get one for my rack.

Tieyak is what I use for my boat. I can change locks if they break on me.

About the TIEYAK
You say you have the Tieyak and it works fine?

I looked at the picture and I wondered. I understand the idea which is very simple, two loops, one at each end, then another cable tying up the loops and weave through the rack

But say if I left my truck parked somewhere for two hours, in other words if the thief had plenty of time, could he not “slide” the kayak through the “loops?”… because they do not seem to be “adjustable,” are they? because if they can be “expanded” wide enough, the boat would slip throuh… or not?

The problam with my future plastic kayak (tsunami xx), is that the plastic is so “slippery” for one, and it also does not seem to have any security hardware. If it did, then it would be a simple matter of running a cable through it.


When two parts looped together, the overall length is shorter than the boat. The fattest part of your boat is wider than the loop. You do have to loop it through your rack on your vehicle or a pole/post/tree when laying on the ground. Of course, you still need to secure your rack. I am using Thule’s with locks. I may add an alarm. My Hullavator is not cheap.

Oh, what about a simple CAR-ALARM?.
I saw them personal alarms but I am not sure… Then again how do you place them and when, etc. But it finnaly made me realize that what all you really need is simply a reguar car alarm with one or two extra wireless sensors placed inside the boat or other strategical places that would triger the LOUD alarm-siren for a couple of minutes and reset itsel. You could set it to ON when you leaving the car with the remote control, etc… JUST like the rest of the car. All of this in combination with some kind of cable locking mechanism.

Now you would have both VISUAL and SOUND protection.

ANY BETTER IDEAS? :slight_smile:

The fattest part of your boat is wider than the loop

Aha… ok, and so the boat is essentially, locked! :slight_smile:

You do have to loop it through your rack on your vehicle or a pole/post/tree when laying on the ground.

And I had not thought of this stage either… Thank you. Great ideas :slight_smile:

Of course, you still need to secure your rack. I am using Thule’s with locks. I may add an alarm.

My Hullavator is not cheap

Great motivator :slight_smile:

Lasso Security Cables
Can they fit a 16 foot canoe. No where do I see a maximum length stated.

…it’s usually just the bare wire - if scratching is a concern, you could cover it with duct tape or a vinyl sleeve.

You can lasso a 40’ boat as long as the distance between the fat portions of the boat allows the loops to be locked together. There is a risk that the two parts of the lock don’t reach each other. That is why I like Tieyak. It fits my 17’ tandem. If it too short for a longer and fatter boat (say 22’) you can easily add a short section of chain and lock them together. The lock is separate.

Another interesting cable-lock configura

Looks interesting by looking at the literature… but still impossible to see how it works in reality.

Anyone has one of these?


I think…
I’d rather let them have the boat than shut my balls in the door.


:slight_smile: most would agree with you
I am sure… But on the other hand, only idiots would leave their equipment w/o at least the apperance of security.

Cheap solution
Just get a real heavy boat!

I’m having a good time reading the thread. But no one seem to consider the fact whoever steal the boat will need to transport it away! But how???

They must have a rack on their own car. Right?

So, we’re talking about fellow paddlers who are greedy enough to take it off your car and put it on their own!

How long would THAT take?

Do you really think adding cable locks will make any REAL difference in how long it take for them to cut all the straps, un-load your boat and strap it on their own?

And if they’re driving, they could have carry whatever cuttery neccessary to cut whatever gauge cable you put around the boat!

Alarm might be a better idea. But cable locks? I simply fail to see what difference it would make.

I have a 60 lb boat that’s over 16 ft long. I have a hell of a time just putting it on or taking it off MY car. So, if some one can manage to do THAT without my knowledge, I’ve definitely left it in the wrong place for too long.

This is a porno site! - LOL :))
Go to wally world and get one of those dog run cables. They are plastic coated and come in 20 and 30 foot length…

Frankly JackL! :)… All I want is cable…

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that is along the lines
I was going to post about. I have a master lock python cable lock. I can use it on my ladders or on my canoe to a tree. The vinal sleeve is nice, and the 10 mm cable is hefty. Yes for all the High school equivilency folks that IS 3/8 of an inch. It is good enough for me, but that lash lock looks GReat!


Oh the bricks locking system - LOL
How about if we fill the cockpit with bricks and then put a sign saying

“… Dear thieves, don’t hurt your back trying to steal the boat. It’s full of bricks.”

:slight_smile: That might work, but then we would have to discuss the type of bricks… how many… how much$ and “how to secure the bricks!” LOL

Actually you pose very interesting questions and I will have to do some thinking on them.

Who would steal it? Why? how? Where?.. I will get back to you on this.