Any info on a Discovery 174 fiberglass?

Hello All,

I’ve been looking for a used canoe for some time now and alway seem to miss the great deals.

Today I came across what I think is probably a good (not great) deal on what is supposed to be a used Old Town Discovery 174 fiberglass. Trouble is I can’t seem to find any information on that combination (weight, load capacity, and pros/cons).

Could anyone here help me out? Thanks in advance.


There is no such boat
Either it is a discovery made of polyethylene in three different types of layers or it is not a discovery.

The most common fiberglass boat made by old town is a stillwater. It is a nice light canoe for protected lakes and ponds.

Fiberglass Discovery - Wasn’t
FrankNC, you’re right. I just got back from looking at it. It wasn’t fiberglass but plastic. I called Old Town and they said it was their superlink model.

BTW, the deal I’m looking at is $600 for the boat, three plastic/alumninum paddles, OT snap in middle seat, three OT strap on seat cushons with backs, OT one sided trolling motor mount, 28lb trolling motor (pretty old, but works), deep cycle battery, dry bag, foam cartop carriers and tiedown straps, seems like I’m forgetting something, but that’s the gist of it.

Would you agree it’s a “good” deal? I’ve been trying to get a good deal for months and apparantly used canoes go FAST around the Atlanta area and I keep missing them. Don’t think this is a great deal, but a good deal.


I’ve owned a few discos
and IMHO thats a great deal! Especially if the boat is in good shape. Good luck!

World of canoeing, here I come
In that case, world of canoeing, here I come. lol


I agree, great deal. Ditch the motor though and get a pole. :wink: