Any info on the Dagger Euro-x 16.8?


I will be posting a lot of questions as I try not to screw up getting kayak #2

I am trying to arrange a weekend to tryout the Euro-x 16.8. In the meantime, I can’t seem to find any useful reviews on it. Any comments on the Euro-x or the Dagger Company would be appreciated.


My first kayak was a Dagger. I bought a Dagger Magellan, which I really liked and eventually sold to buy a Meridian. Dagger is now owned by the same watersports holding company as Perception, Wilderness Systems, etc…

It’s my understanding that the Euro-X is a refinement of the Exodus which is a refinement of the Magellan which was based on the Meridian.

The Magellan was a solid boat. I never bought a rudder for it, but I did wish that it would have had a skeg. I paddle the Exodus a few times and liked it. It felt a bit roomy, but I would have been satisfied with the kayak if I had to paddle it. I haven’t paddled a Euro-X, but I like the outfitting and the day hatch. I’d rather have a skeg than a rudder.

If you like how it paddles, you can’t go wrong. You should also look at the Chatham 16, and maybe the Hurricane Kayaks Tracer 165.

WS Tempest 165 twin?
That boat looks exactly like the WS Tempest 165 to me in the photos.

Even the deck rigging is almost exactly the same!

Anyone agree?

The Euro-X is a couple of inches wider.

Euro X
The Dagger boat is wider by more than an inch and looks like it has less rocker than the Tempest. For what it’s worth the websites indicate the poly version of the Tempest is 8lbs lighter than the Euro X

not even close.

The Euro-X is a Dagger from the last of the Watermark (pre-Confluence) dayz.

The Euro is a Exodus with a new deck and is NOT EVEN RELATED to the Tempest in any WAY, SHAPE or FORM.


Thanks for the info!!!

I will post back after I get a chance to try it out. I also didn’t have the Tracer 165 on my radar, “oh great another choice :-)” will check that out too.



dagger magellan value
I have a Dagger Magellan, not used much, and would like to sell to buy two smaller kayaks for small to mid-size river trips.

What is the value of the Magellan, and any recommendations for smaller, river type craft?

I picked up the Euro a few months ago, it took a couple of paddles to get used to but i really like it now. It is a stable and solid boat with plenty of storage and cockpit adjustments. I do have the rudder on mine which has proved to be a good option while paddling on some of the larger lakes I have been on when the wind kicks up. I still have my Dagger Catalyst 12.8. which is what I started out with. The only minor complaint I have is it is a bit on the heavy side. But, what do you expect to get from a 16.8’ poly boat that can haul 400 pounds? Smooth boat, it was a great investment.