Any info on Woodstream Oneida II canoe

I bought an Oneida II canoe, 16’, and would like some

info if anybody is familiar with it.

I was slightly skeptical about it being kevlar, as it

weighs about 60 lbs. It does have sharp ends, and it

is stiff, and it handles and paddles great! The gel

coat is quite heavy, which could add to the weight.

Any info would be appreciated about the canoe and

the Woodstream Canoe Company.


Here are a couple of pics that might
help to freshen up memory of a canoe from the 90’s.

Does this help brighten up anybody’s light bulb?

Sure would like to know something about this canoe, other

than what I can piecemeal together myself.


Oneida 18

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We have a FG Oneida canoe in the basement here in our Eastport summer place. Bought it some years ago from the same friend who later sold us our cabin, and it's been our favorite of the canoes we've owned over the years. Very plain - aluminum gunnels, molded tractor seats, a bit heavy - but it is a very fast, stable cruising boat that tracks like it's on rails. We used it a lot with our two daughters and the dog, and have wonderful memories of camping and paddling with them as they grew up.

Don't use it much anymore, since we've gotten into sea kayaking, but that Oneida has seen more of the salt water around this section of Bonavista Bay than our 'yaks ever will. Our friend and his wife explored a lot of the runs, sounds, tickles and islands around this part of the bay. Boat with a lot of history, and good memories...I'll try to post some Picasa web album shots in a day or two...

Oneida III Pixe
Just noticed, while taking a few pix, that the sticker says Oneida III - had always thought it just graphics…LOL

Here’s a few pix - hardly worth posting - but it does show the general shape of the hull…

Some time ago, in response to a query I made via, a gentleman said the model name was taken from Oneida Lake, in NY state, if memory serves…

I have never heard of Oneida but I have heard that Sawyer made canoes for Woodstream. Yours looks just like a Sawyer Sport. I doubt that it is kevlar.


George - what do you think about
the seats being riveted directly into the sides?

I don’t think that is done with fiberglass, or is it?

Kevlar has the strength and rigidity for that.

riveted seat hangers
Wenonah used seat hangers riveted thru the hull in their hulls long before they started to call their fiberglass layups Tuff-Weave. The dozen or so that have passed thru my hands never had a failure of the rivets or hull material. Just don’t jump on the seats.


Our Oneida III…
is fiberglass, has the riveted seats, and there has never been any problem.

Sawyer Seats
Your seats look just like the way Sawyer mounted them on the tandems.

Sawyer’s Oscoda line had aluminum seat drop hangers riveted to the gunwales.


We tested it tandem today,
and it was fast and very stable. The hull appears to

be a hybrid between a shallow arch and a shallow vee.

When my 80 lb. dog lays down in my other shallow arch

canoes next to the side, I have to offset the weight

distribution myself. I don’t have any problem in the

Oneida with that, probably due to the shallow vee part

of the hull design.

It’s a real winner, and unfortunate that they are not

being made any longer. And yes, I felt that Sawyer

feeling when I was in it. Real nice…

Oneida III same as Sawyer Cruiser?

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I just saw a Woodstream canoe on a roofrack at the grocery store. It was labeled as Kevlar 49 and had no Gelcoat. (edit:) It may have had beige gelcoat to match a Woodstream tacklebox of that vintage, I did not notice that it was translucent (end edit). It had tractor seats riveted to the sides as in the picture of the Oneida III. The profile looked very similar to the Oneida III, the front spray deck was longer (like a Sawyer Cruiser)and the label on the side read "Woodstream"
I do not know the Sawyer Sport, I would venture that I saw a re-badged Sawyer Cruiser.

Wood stream rebranded sawyer canoes.
Oneida 111 is 17’9” cruiser