Any Kayak Portaging Suggestions

For the first time I’m taking a sea kayak to Quetico. I have always done Quetico in a canoe. Any suggestions on best method to portage a kayak?,are there any devices?? Thanks In Advance

What I do…
Unless you have a very small cockpit opening, you probably won’t need a portage yoke. Carried with the back of the coaming resting on your shoulders you should be able to see just fine. Tie a painter from the bow to stern, then hold in one hand while walking. This helps balance the kayak and keeps the other hand free to scramble.

I tether my drybags together into a bow and stern bundle. This makes getting them out easier and helps to keep them organized when putting them back in at the other end of the portage.

Knu-Pak system
is what I use all the time. you mount a portaging yoke in the cockpit… throw the kayak on the carry system and off you go. If you ahve everything ready is small drybags in your kayak you will be off and on the water in few minutes and no need to double portage.

So, where do you put the KnuPac?

My handy dandy kayak portage yoke.

Works like a charm.

Take a piece of hard wood a few inches wide and about six inches longer on each side than the widest part of your kayak coaming.(or buy a canoe portage yoke) They are inexpensive

Cut a couple of soft wood blocks about 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" by about 3".

Then cut out two pieces of 3/4" plywood or equal about 2" wide by 3" long

Mount each wood block with each piece of plywood to the yoke at your shoulder width, with a single bolt down through the middle of each. block. (visualize the yoke with the block to it with the plywood to the block all held together with one bolt)

Cut out some gray foam blocks (the high density stuff)sized to fit on top of the plywood with a arch cut on the top for your shoulder and using contact cement glue each one to the plywood.

All of this is to get the yak high enough so you can see where you are going

It is now finished.

How to use it:

Place the kayak on the ground right side up.

Place the yoke across the cockpit (on mine the balance point is just in front of the seat).

Take one camlock buckle type strap and secure the yoke to your kayak just as you secure the kayak to your vehicle roof rack bar only upside down. Tighten it good and tight.

You are now good to go.

If you want some pictures, e-mail me and I’ll send you them.

I don’t now how to attach pictures that are not on webshots to a p-net post or I would attach them here.



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Some great suggestions and ideas…Thank you very much

buy a dolly or canoe/kayak cart from REI it reasonable and the wheels comes off ,can be storage behind the seat or under the bow kayak…i have one it very easy to carry and portages…love it never leave home without it

Portages in the Canadian Shield area are usually rocky and not well suited to carts and dollies. A yoke made for a kayak is the best idea.

I do not know about Quetico, but in the BWCA mechanical means of conveyance are specifically prohibited.


Well . . .
I don’t know your age or gender, but to portage my boat what I do is look around for some young buff guy to do it for me. :wink: