Any kayak/rescue courses in TX?

I’ve talked to several outfitters in the DFW area and it seems they are out of commission until our lakes and rivers are down to their normal levels which maybe for a while (August /Sept). I was wondering if there are any courses that y’all know of that are available for sea/touring kayakers? At this point I’m not feeling 100% going out on my own and attempting to learn to roll and rescue. So if there are any in OK or LA within a couple of hour drive, that’d be great. Thanks.

Try the ACA

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You should also check the ACA's list of instructors - plenty of them in Texas. Names and emails supplied, so maybe you could arrange a private lesson.

Alas, there are no BCU coaches in your region.

Good thinking on your part, by the way.

Come on down to the MS Gulf Coast. Lessons offered throughout the summer.