Any kayakers take a big dog paddling?

I like using a kayak paddle when I solo my canoe. Does anyone paddle a kayak and take a dog with them that is about 75 lbs? Maybe there is not a kayak made for that. Thank you.

dog, sit on top, water
My friend uses a sit on top for her Golden Retriever. Puts a piece of carpet on back. The dog is able to get on and off. She will swim if she feels like it. Her sit on top is stable enough to allow the dog to scramble on. She’s never tipped while doing this.

pamlico pro does the job nicely
and the dog might be less likely to hop off.

Took me back to my childhood days with the grumman, your question did!

60 lb husky–no problem
My 60 lb husky goes with me on long trips (ie, 2 to 3 days) in a recreation kayak, a necky gannet (they don’t sell them anymore, but it’s similar to their zoar). We go close to shore, so she can hop out and run part of the time and give us both a break. She sits on the seat or the kayak floor just in front of the seat, depending on her mood. She does get me soaking wet when she hops back in after a swim.

When I use a narrow touring kayak, she runs along the beach–the one time we tried to stuff her into the little cockpit, we immediately flipped.

The great dog Moose
Has me paddle him around in his Valley Aluet 2, and he weights over 90 pounds. He usally sits in the center compartment btu the other day we were on this lake in Northern BC and I had to have him sit in the front seat because the wind was blowing about 20 knots and it would catch the bow to much. He also is a great canoe dog!

Pamlico 145T and my dog
I just put my Dog in the front seat of this tandem so i can watch which way he leans and everything works great. He does get a little impatient after a couple of hours.

Big dog
I have an acquaintence who paddles an “original” classic Pungo with his 80+ pound Lab always with him. Not only do they share the cockpit but the dog regularly “wet exits” in and out of the yak…not from the shoreline…but out in the water. I have yet to see them capsize. The master started taking the dog out as a pup. They both have learned and perfected their exit/entrance teamwork technique as the dog matured.

Another example of the “ultra-versatility” of the real Pungos!

Androo Dog gets his own boat

(300k image)

I tow him in his boat. He pays me back by carrying gear when we hike.