Any know what make this canoe is?

Just bought this used canoe the other day. The lady I bought it from said she purchased it in Ontario about 9 years ago. This is the first canoe I have purchased and am quite happy with the look of it, going to try it out as soon as I can.

Anyways, the canoe has no markings or tags on it anywhere, and I am curious who the maker would be. I’m hoping that someone here can help me out.

The canoe is 16 feet long, appears to be a multi later vinyl construction (I know little of canoe materials) and I can tell you that it weighs 85 pounds. The seats, yoke and single thwart all what appears to be ash, with the seats having black webbing.

I would love to put some pictures up, but it says new members cannot. Any way to rectify that?

If it is truly 16 feet long and weighs more than 80 pounds it is likely a triple-layer, rotomolded polyethylene boat. There is no way anyone will be able to tell you who the maker is from the information provided.

Is there any other information that would be helpful or am I just out of luck here and should stop wondering about who the manufacturer is?

The serial number might offer clues but it’s still unlikely that anyone can tell you the manufacturer for sure without pictures. Serial number should be on the left side just under the gunwale within about a foot of the rear of the boat. Wood trim is a good sign. Biggest hint so far is 85 pounds with wood trim…most boats of that weight wouldn’t have wood trim.

Sounds like an Old Town something . Made in Maine but shows up everywhere. Try to find the etching on the hull near the stern . The first three letters are key

Does it look like any of these? Old Town decals can be peeled off. The decks are standard to Old Town and sometimes are an ID feature. Lets start the game of whack a mole!

Thanks for the replies so far. I am unable to find any markings or serial numbers on the canoe.

I would love to upload a couple pictures, how do I go about getting past this new member, no pictures roadblock?

Got it! Here are a couple pictures of the canoe.

If you can find the 12 character hull identification number (HIN) the first three characters, which will be letters, are the manufacturer’s identification code which will tell you the maker. The last four characters will give you the month and year of certification, which is when the hull was made.

The HIN is most often inscribed on an aluminum plate pop riveted to the starboard stern of the hull exterior. Sometimes it is etched into the hull itself on poly canoes or written with a Sharpie on the hull interior beneath a deck plate.

If you can post a link to some good photos of the length of the hull profile, the interior including the deck plates, and the hull bottom showing the cross sectional contour, along with some precise measurements of the length overall and the gunwale width of the molded hull at its point of maximum beam someone might be able to identify it by sight.

Edit: your photos popped up as I was typing the above. The appearance suggests a Royalex boat although it could still possibly be three-layer PE. It is definitely not a composite hull.

Unfortunately there appears to be no identifying numbers on this canoe at all. No plate, nothing stamped into the hull, nothing.

Just guessing but it looks like an older OT Penobscot .

It looks too fine ended and the decks are not right for Old Town… Closest I can find is Langford out of Muskoka ON

Decks right little notch in yoke right pinstriping right