Any lakes you love in the Adirondacks for kayaking?

I started kayaking on a peaceful lake in New Hampshire. This summer going to the ‘dacks for the first time. Any particular spot you recommend? I’m a beginner with a few lessons under my belt, and a lot of enthusiasm. I will likely drive to some paddle places, but would also really love to find a good lake for a base where I can paddle every day without getting in the car. Thanks.

If you’ll be toward the southern end of the Adirondacks, maybe on your way out or back from New Hampshire, I can suggest an interesting 2-3 hour outing in the vicinity of Saratoga Springs.

Thanks, I’ll check that out.

If you want to “paddle every day without getting in the car” you will need to search for a cottage, campground or other accommodation located on a lake. VRBO might be your best bet. Many of the lakes with on the water housing are very busy and costly during the season so the earlier you find and reserve something the better.

Here’s one example of a nice cottage on 9 mile long Schroon Lake. But it looks like it is booked already for the whole summer except for 10 days in June. Rentals in summer anywhere near the water tend to run between $160 per day for a very rustic small cabin up to over $1000 for a multi-bedroom luxury place.

Do a search for “campgrounds on lakes in the Adirondacks” for a map showing the locations. Again, advanced reservations are important in such popular areas.

Thank you, Willowleaf. I’ve already realized I’m late to the game this year, so I’ll take something less than perfect and be on top of it for next year. Perhaps a less-popular lake, further from the action, such as it is, will come up.

If you camp in a tent there are plenty of places to basecamp and explore. Lows Lake for example

Lila, St Regis Canoe area. The Saranac Lakes, Cranberry Lake. Cottaging limits your choices more than camping. However you may find a cottage not on a lake now for next summer.

Thank you, that’s a good idea but I’m staying with a few other people and we’re not going to tent camp this time. However I have seen some rentals around Cranberry Lake. Have you paddled there? Thanks.

We tent camped at Rollins Pond Campground (near Tupper Lake), it’s connected to and a little further into the woods from Fish Creek Pond Campground (more popular, esp with RVs). We paddled a rental canoe directly out of our campsite onto Rollins Pond into a loop that included Floodwood Pond, not sure the rest of the route - but quite enjoyable. There are multiple nice lakes in the vicinity, it borders the St. Regis Canoe Area.

We also camped/canoed at Buck Pond Campground (farther north), not remembering it too well, except watching a beaver float a very large tree branch down a connector between two ponds.

I just checked the Quiet Water Canoe Guide to NY, the loop is the Fish Creek Loops, looks like 12 or so interconnected ponds, “short carries make them ideal as the first trips for new paddlers” which we were. I’m sure there is a newer, better edition, worth a look for good paddling destinations.

Just realized you won’t be camping. Check out the White Pine Camp near Paul Smiths, no experience with it but always wanted to try it out.

If you act quickly and all parties can be flexible with timing, there still seem to be some weeks open at the lakeside cottages I saw listed on VRBO. The one I linked to had 10 days open in June and has room for 4 people.

You can page through the reservation calendars for each listing on VRBO and plug in the dates to see what they would charge.

I have rented cottages and apartments through VRBO in the US, the Caribbean and Europe and have been very pleased with each experience.

Hey doggy paddler, Here are some resources for you:
this forum could be a really good resource for you, you might try posing your questions there to get more local knowledge

the northern forest canoe trail trip planning tool may be useful, be sure to list your email and zip so you can view the services embedded within their interactive map

In general, there is a lot to like about paddling in the dacks. You can paddle from town to town, enjoy wilderness type scenery but have all the conveniences of civilization nearby.

Lot’s of folks plan their vacations and trips after the 4th of July because the bugs lessen. Large lakes like Raquette are more likely to be windy and have waves, in fact sometimes there are even small craft advisories on the larger lakes

You might want to check out Deerfield inn on SeventhLake not only do I think one of their cottages might suit you, along with free use of kayaks but with portage wheels you can go from seventh to eigth and if you really want a treat paddle brown’s tract

Motel Long Lake has a beach, probably even boat rentals and I think a cottage or two, It’s right on the edge of town within walking distance to eateries but definitely has a busier feel. Believe it or not the Best Western in Saranac Lake is really convenient to paddle from and has an outfitter/ boat rental place as a neighbor.

pictures of long lake, wheeling into 8th lake (fulton chain), browns tract

Thanks, good link. Nice pictures, too!

I did a six day trip circumnavigating the shore of Cranberry lake two years ago in my sea kayak. Total paddling distance was 62 miles and I spent six days doing it. I camped at designated backcountry tent sites such as the one pictured below on a small island.


G’day…I live in the Adirondacks and never get tired of paddling Blue Mountain Lake. So many options for paddling. Can stick to just paddling among the many Islands of BML or paddle into Eagle Lake then into Utawana Lake to the Marion River. If you have time you can portage the old railroad trail path and continue on the Marion to Raquette Lake.
*Check out the Adirondack Pirates or Adirondack Paddlers on Facebook. They do trips every weekend and mid-week paddles on various Adirondack Lakes.
**Even in the middle of the summer if you paddle Blue Mountain Lake you’ll get a sense of nature. Not many power boats on this Lake. Never crowded. Plenty of swimming. Great place.

Thanks! Blue Mountain lake looks lovely… so many lakes and rivers up there!

And if you are up in the area around Blue Mountain and get a really horrible day when you don’t want to be outside (like hard bone-chilling rain) you can visit (and get lunch) at the Adirondack Experience Museum. Well worth a stop when you are up there.