Any local info for Jekyll Island, Little Cumberland

I’ll be in the area in a couple of days and was thinking of launching from the southern tip of Jekyll and crossing to Little Cumberland and back. It’s the outflow of the Satilla River. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience in that area and if there are any issues with significant claptosis or currents at peak flow for an experienced sea kayaker.

I’m sure there are many others, but I’m only familiar with launching from the boat ramp, here: 31.041946, -81.422661.
Plenty of parking, easy launch (on ICW side, not ocean).
From there, it’s about a 2.5 mile paddle to the south end of the island.
The crossing (pt to pt) is about 2.4 miles (2 nmi) to Cumberland.

Number one, I would do it on a weather friendly day.
As the current can be fairly strong, I would cross to Cumberland near the end of an ebb, then come back just after the start of a flood - timing things to take a bit of a break on Cumberland.
So, just for an example, using Sat, Nov 5 as an example: (from
Max ebb (2.6mph)is at 10am.
slack after ebb around 1:30pm
Max flood (2.1mph) is at 5pm
Low tide at St Simons LH station: 1:06pm

So, if you started crossing at noon, there would be a diminishing ebb at about 1.6mph.
Then return at 2pm, with an strengthening flood at .4mph.

I’ve paddled around Jekyll Island several times (about 17miles). Other than currents, no real issues, though both sounds: St Simons Sound and St Andrews Sound get ‘bouncy’ in conditions. There is a sandbar that goes well out - about mid island on the ocean side of Jekyll that will create some bouncy waves.

I’ve also paddled around Cumberland (47m) many times. Again, it’s the current that is the major influencer of conditions - pair it with (or rather against) the wind - conditions can get bad.

Little Cumberland island is private (as opposed to Cumberland I - National Seashore)
So, while I think they will still let you land, you won’t be able to walk up to the lighthouse.


Thank You Raisins. That was exactly what I needed. Where do you get the tidal current info? FWIW, I plan Wednesday to put in at Blythe Island County Park boat ramp on the South Brunswick River, paddle past the AVP marine terminal and then up to the paper mill and back. I saw it a few days ago as I was driving down 95. I like that infrastructure stuff and the paper plant seems so big and somewhat foreboding. The day after, Thursday, I’ll do the Jekyll Cumberland trip. I might squeeze in an R&R beach day on Friday before I head home to Atlanta but will have to see on the preceding days if the air and water temp is such that I would enjoy laying on the beach.

I use deepzoom.
(there are others, but I like it because it gives you a good view of currents on a map with a moveable time)
First time you open it, it will open in the Seattle area (developer from there I think).
Zoom out then into area you want (or click ‘find location’)
Click onto a tide or current station interested in.
All currents in the area shown will indicate direction and strength for the selected time (on bar control at bottom)

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