Any luck using a ThermaCELL on bugs?

I don’t expect it to keep away all the biting critters but I would expect it to keep away most of them in little to no wind conditions. Anyone have any experience with them, if so, would you recommend them to others. What about other bug repelling products that can fit in a kayak?

Thanks in advance,


They work; results vary
They waft a gas that the bugs avoid and if you can manage the airflow they clear an area. The air is almost never really still, and the trick is to stay within the invisible envelope of protective gas.

We used them at a campsite that was very thick with mosquitoes and they made the difference. Without, we wore headnets and gloves and tried to hide every square inch of skin. With the gadget on, we were able to remove the nets and gloves and eat a meal while only swatting a bug every few chews. I wouldn’t call it blissful, but better than having bugs on you at thick as hair on your arm.

They wouldn’t be much good in wind, but wind will hold the bugs down pretty well by itself.


I agree
They work, and can make a very buggys situation tolerable to pleasant. But you have to think about where you place it.

Great Results
Wife and I use them up north where we encountered the worst mosquito swarms ever and they worked great! We use two at a time to make sure we are within their coverage range. Seemed that once we chased them away we were able to shut the units down for an hour or so before they came back. It’s a “must have” piece of equipment in our gear bag.


They do work. I use them while hunting and they’re a life saver.

they have a new smaller one that sells for 13.99 if you can find it. normal ones are about 22. only difference is the older ones have an on off switch, and the newer one you unscrew the butane canister to shut it off.

worth every penny.