Any N.Shore Atlantic RM owners add...

…full desk lines, or other tweaks to their boats, specifically the 2013 generation?

Any comments on glues, sealants, nuts/bolts, and cleats to use with this boat?

I am planning my purchase and need to get pretty much everything at once.

Any info is appreciated.

haven’t done work on that boat, but…
Here is a video that NRS put out related to installing line using their kit:

I looked at the pics on the north shore site, and it looks like it has full deck lines? What parts are missing from it? I paddled one (perhaps 2-3 year old version) a few times that I borrowed and I don’t recall it missing deck lines.

Atlantic decklines
Thanks for the vid link, Peter.

I was paddling a Prijon Touryak with full perimeter deck lines. The Atlantic’s rigging looks like it is only bow and stern, but does not run along next to the cockpit.

Maybe, as the novice I am, my expectations are out of line, but I found the full perimeter lines useful in and out of the cockpit.


Can’t hurt
I think Prijon is one of the few mfg that do run the lines past the cockpit. I can’t think of another mfg that does that. Whence having an out of boat experience the coaming completed the perimeter grab rail sort of concept quite well which is my guess as to why most mfg don’t bother extending the lines past the cockpit.

If you want to extend the lines past the cockpit it wouldn’t be hard to just go past the cockpit most deck fitting to the fist aft fitting. Pop river in a nylon pad eye mid way just to keep the length of line well mannered. Use reflective deck line while you’re at it. Might as well upgrade the function at the same time.

Why don’t you get the Atlantic RM first and paddle it so you get to know it first before launching into kayak Bob Villa mode.

Have fun with your new kayak.

See you on the water,


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watch your knuckles
One downside to anything alongside the cockpit is that you might scrape your knuckles on it. Particularly something like a pad-eye.

recessed padeyes retrofit?

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It occurs to me that someone could very easily make a retrofit recessed padeye if they wanted to. Use the typical Valley padeye, for example, and put a flange on the bottom of it. Drill a hole in the deck the diameter of the padeye (but smaller than the flange), and fit the padeye from the inside. Flange is an adhesive contact point and holds the padeye from getting pulled thru the deck.

It's so simple - any vendor frequenting this website feel like making a go of it?


I’m trying to envision this flange and as to how it seals the hole that would be made. Cup shaped flange? I’ve seen that with using half a ping pong ball as a mold to glass over from the inside before.

The other route might be like what’s done on some wood kits and I think Walrus Kayaks, a polyethylene tube connects two small holes in the deck and sealed against the deck making for a tunnel for the line to run through.

Ok back to paperwork for me.


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not the norm
I am with Marshall - deck lines along the cockpit is not the norm. In general, it is easy enough to hold on to the combing, so a deck line may not add a lot of value.

If you do add, just make sure that the deck line is not so close to the combing to get in the way of putting on and taking off the skirt.

Thank you, all, again - good advice
I did not know that the full perim lines were not the norm, now I do. Thank you, Marshall & Peter. And if the deck lines are not reflective, I will definitely replace those, like I did with my TourYak. The WestMarine near me had a clearance and I found a nice red/white line that was perfect.

I had not considered the hand-scraping. Thank you, Nate.

I’ll definitely put in many hours practicing before modifying the boat. I may find I like the Atlantic just as it is.