Any Native Mantaray owners out there

I’m thinking of buying a Native Mantaray kayak and I want to get beyond the salesmans pitch. I would like to get some feed back from some owners who can honestly sell me on this boat. I’m looking for a drier ride than my preceptions caster 12.5 and a little more seat comfort. I’m looking at the 14’solo, I have sat in one and it feels comfy and I like the vast amount of space and the adjustable pedals. The boat that I paddle now is very stable and is a tried and true fishing boat. However it rides low in the water so sometimes you are apt to get wet. In the summer that is great but in the colder months its a little uncomfortable. Any comments or reviews would be appreciated.

I have not paddled it.
However, I can recommend a dealer that carries Native and will not sell you a boat just to sell you a boat. They are very, very good about listening to what you want to do, asking the right questions, and helping to guide you to a choice that is good for you.

I am not affiliated with them except having been a satisfied customer.

The dealer is Appomattox River Company. Their web site is They are the worlds largest kayak and canoe retailer. Worlds. Despite that, they maintain the perspective of a small shop. Everyone who works there paddles. They use the boats they sell. And you get Mom & Pop service and integrity. They can ship to most places cheaper than a lot of stores can sell off the floor.

They’ll give you an honest opinion of any boat they carry.

  • Big D

Just went and done it!!!
Hey Big D I just went on and bought it. After spending a lot of thought and several visits to the dealer to sit in one. They didn’t have one in yellow so I had to order it and that was one of the best decisions I’ve made on a kayak. Today was the maiden voyage and the boat lived up to all my exspectations. With the old boat everytime I came in from fishing my but was soaked. Today it was dry as a chip and with the cold temps this weekend that was a plus. There is more than twice the dimension above the water line and the bow is several inches higher than the caster. So no more water over the bow and sides. It tracks better in the wind also. It is a little harder to turn because of it’s length but that is no problem. It has one of the most comfortable seats and did I mension it’s yellow!! I’m looking forward to fishing this year even though today was kind of slim but that’s fishing yall!!!

Glad you enjoy your new boat. Happy New Yak Day.

  • Big D