Any NC owners in North Florida

I am so close to buying. I would like to at least sit an NC before purchase.

Yes, Magooch I know it’s a great boat but I’m really wanting to check one out.

It is tough without a dealer network. At least with QCC if I don’t like it send it back. I love the look of the NC but need help locating one in Florida . Anybody down here own the NC19 or one of the 17 foot models?

Anybody ??
Once more, please. Anybody in Florida have a NC 19 foot I can at least sit in? I need to check this out, please.



NC 17
I have both the NC 17 and the QCC 700. The fit and finish of the Q boat leaves the NC in the dust. Both boats have a “light layup”, which means they are not the hardiest boat out there. The best layup is in the Nimbus Telkaw, but it is not as fast as the QCC or the NC 17. The NC is my winter boat and the Q is my summer boat.

Where are you located? Florida?