Any new skeg technology?

As useful as skegs are, it seems like this apparatus needs attention and repair more often than we would like. I constantly encounter (and hear about) skeg cables kinking, breaking, become unattached, stones and debris clogging the skeg box etc. I’ve seen this happen on both American and British boats. I am curious - is anyone designing new and improved skeg systems?


Patrick has a nice system that can be retrofitted to boats other than his own.

Doesn’t Wilderness systems use
a kinkless skeg cable which has to run pretty straight, but cannot kink.

None of that happening here.

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you know
i have noticed & experenced far more skeg problems than rudder problems. its seems to me that if sombody could make a “self centering” rudder then it could be used as a skeg as well.

Done here too.
No real moving parts, Fine tune AND adjustable, self centering, aft and soon understern rudders retrofitable to other boats.

Just have to ask.

we are looking at different technology but Necky owns the kinkless cable. It’s a medical industry cable and very strong and $$$. good stuff.

steve (who’s REALLY NOT suppose to mention Necky on the internet! Doh!)

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I am seriosly thinking about adding your carbon fiber skeg to my Nomad SOT, but I would like you to do it for me.

I know I would need to work with your schedule on that.

Tsunami chuck may be headed your way sometime soon, but I do want to try installing the small fin first and see how that does before deciding.

I need to work somethhing out before fall when I head back to the coast

I could really give a …oh wait, a minute…the whole world can read this!




Pat’s stuff
I made the leap and gave Pat from Onno Paddles my CC# for his georgous foil skeg kit. Don’t know what sold me the most, the beauty of the carbon material and lines of it or the promise that it has NO perceptible drag…which was always my gripe with my Valley boat’s skeg.

I wanted to know that I can deploy it when I know I need to go straight and not worry about keeping up with anyone due to drag. Well, okay, keep up with the other paddlers over 50 or thereabouts!!

Now if I can just con someone into installing it…


Is it actually a cable?
When I checked it out recently, it looked more like a solid wire, possibly titanium, which would explain the exhorbitant price of the material from Necky ($10/foot).