Any New Wenonah Wilderness Owners?

I’ve read only 2 reviews on the site. Any others? What’s the verdict on Wilderness? Would you consider it for a tripping canoe i.e. Bowron Lakes, BWCA?

Wenonah wilderness
I purchased an ultra light wilderness last spring. I have used it for weekend and three day trips on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. I am by no means an expert on canoes but I have been very happy with the canoe. The boat seems to be very efficient on flat water and manageable on Class I-II white water.

I have found that I can paddle at about 3.5 MPH and it is a breeze to portage. It holds a ton of stuff easily. I usually go very light but I have done trips and carried one of my kids in the boat.

You will find lots of very opinionated people and boat manufacturers on this site, they are also very knowledgable. You can take a look at my website gilltrips at blogspot dot com If you decide to get a Wilderness or any other Wenonah solo email me from the site concerning the portage yokes.

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I’ve had mine for a few weeks now…
spruce green royalex.

I love it…but I know nothing about canoes or paddling them…just trying to learn.

Most importantly I have realized that a kayak is a much more forgiving craft…but to paddle a canoe…well this is an entirely different matter !!!

So much to learn…


Good boat
I have been paddling canoes for 20 years and I am considering buying a wilderness. I have not paddled one but have seen them up close. It looks like a good boat and seems to have the makings of a good solo for camping, etc. And in royalex its not a real wallet killer. Just my opinion.

The hubby test paddled
a Wilderness on our local lake. He liked the Argosy much better. He paddles kneeling, single blade, fishes small lakes and streams out of it. In his opinion, the Wilderness was slower and less manuverable (empty)than the Argosy. It may need a load to perform better; some tripping canoes need to set deeper in the water for optimum performance. It definitely weighs more. He thinks it may not be ideal for a total beginner, at first, but would have a short learning curve. We had about 300lbs total load in the Argosy on the last trip, so it hauls plenty. We seldom haul that much, so he wanted a boat that performed well, with or without a load.